Arik Air Launches Frequent Flyer Programme

Arik Air introduced its Frequent Flyer scheme – Arik WingsPlus – today. The customer loyalty programme will reward members with free flights, upgrades to Business Class and vouchers for excess baggage on all international services. Passengers can earn miles on each international sector and can be redeemed across the network. Accruing miles varies accordingly to sector and once a sector has been travelled, customers have the ability to redeem a domestic flight within 14 working days.

For example, flying one-way in Business Class from New York to Lagos will earn 5,000 miles. To redeem a Business Class ticket as an Arik WingsPlus member on any domestic flight will be 5,000 miles so by flying one long-haul route you will have enough miles for a free domestic flight. Business Class customers on Lagos/ Abuja to London and Lagos to Johannesburg routes will earn 3,000 and 2,500 miles respectively whilst those Business Class customers flying Lagos/ Abuja to Accra (Ghana), Cotonou (Benin), Dakar (Senegal), Banjul (Gambia), Freetown (Sierra Leone) and Monrovia (Liberia) will earn 800 miles on a one way sector. As well as earning and redeeming on flights, the scheme also allows customers to redeem miles for excess baggage vouchers. Arik currently offers one of the largest allowances in the industry (2 x 30kgs on long-haul flights) and Arik WingsPlus will afford even more opportunity to add another 30kgs to the allowance. For existing customers, and to recognise and reward past loyalty, Arik Air is offering the opportunity to claim up to 50% mileage accrual for travel undertaken in the period between 1st July 2010 and 23rd January 2011.

Dr Michael Arumemi-Ikhide, CEO of Arik Air, said of the launch of Arik WingsPlus: “The introduction of Arik WingsPlus is one more noteable milestone in the development of Arik Air. There was an increasing demand from our growing loyal customer base to reward this loyalty and we have reacted to that. We feel that this will further establish Arik Air as the preferred carrier of choice in West Africa.”

Arik Air also promised various other measures to improve passenger services.



One response to “Arik Air Launches Frequent Flyer Programme”

  1. Justice O. says :

    I must say, this is a dissapointment of a Frequent Flyer program.

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