FAAN Grounds Several Airlines

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) temporarily suspended some operations of Aero, Dana Air, Chanchangi Airlines and IRS Airlines yesterday over their inability to pay up their debts to the authority. Explaining that airline operators in Nigeria are not responding positively in paying up their dues, the agency said that it will not hesitate to shut down the operations of persistent defaulters in the sector, adding that the grounding of airlines negatively impact on the travelling public.


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2 responses to “FAAN Grounds Several Airlines”

  1. Greg says :

    FAAN and its shenanigans! Its many concessionaires are said to owe hundreds of millions but FAAN treats them with kid gloves. Some say its because the right palms are greased. Still, it makes sobering reading to learn that even well backed types like DANA cant pay their bills. Our airlines need whole new models of business if they hope to secure their future on the long haul

  2. Justice O. says :

    FAAN is a mess. It was recently discovered that Maevis HAS been paying their fair share to FAAN but obviously money is being diverted. To the point the minister of aviation was clueless to this, all the while threatening Maevis with retaliation if they don’t “pay up”. Complete mess.

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