First Refurbished C-130 Back With NAF

After more than a year of major repairs and maintenance, the U.S. Air Force helped return to operational service the first of five C-130 Hercules aircraft (NAF917) of the Nigerian Air Force. In February 2009, the Nigerian government requested assistance from the U.S. to reconstitute five of their eight C-130H aircraft to support peacekeeping operations on the continent. The first aircraft then went through an extensive process called Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM).

Portugal, The ceremonial key to the first (NAF917) of five refurbished C-130H aircraft is handed back to the Nigerian Air Force on January 26, 2011.



9 responses to “First Refurbished C-130 Back With NAF”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    A C-130H PDM takes on average 150 days but a year is good. What I’d like to know is the cost and whether it was done using NAF facilities albeit with USAF Reserves input. Still a shame that after almost 35 years of C130 usage, NAF still dosent have the skills to do a PDM by itself.

  2. Alaba Bham says :

    Ah..just found the cost. $9.2m.

  3. David Khedira says :

    Wow..Thats really expensive! Please I need some help with finding a job as a flight dispatcher,I am a Nigerian License holder and have experience dispatching, 737-200,300,400, 727-200(cargo and passenger), and also the E-120.Please help would be surely appreciated as I really need this job.

  4. Jack Napiare says :

    Nice going!

  5. Michael says :

    Too long so long. During the time of stay in BASE, nothing was done. Even after the 1992 crash so why did take NAF so long to have this done. Does it mean, they have been risking the life of their men.

  6. A.H. says :

    How did airplanes were transported to Portugal? Assuming they were not in flying condition. Thanks

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