FAAN Hands Over GAT To Arik Air

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has been directed by the Federal Government to hand over the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) at Lagos Airport to Arik Air for upgrade and use. The other domestic airlines have been ordered to relocate their operations to MMA Terminal II, but are protesting against this directive.



3 responses to “FAAN Hands Over GAT To Arik Air”

  1. gregory,eghosa@yahoo.com says :

    Reads like favouritism to me…..

    • osa idahosa says :

      Mr Gregory Eghosa!
      Why would you say that? I feel they have done enough to warrant them having their own terminal! They should be encouraged!

  2. Justice O. says :

    When compared to International airlines, it’s better the FG favor a local airline.

    When compared to other local airlines, all I can say is none of them compare. Giving Arik greater control of their ‘home’ makes their operations more streamlined. We can’t always claim favouritism as a bad thing if the ‘favoured’ can take advantage. 3 airlines were ‘favoured’ when given rights to fly to US, one of the airlines doesn’t exist anymore, the majority owner of the other pulled out of the airline, Arik capitalized.

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