Evergreen Apple Nigeria

Evergreen Apple (EAN) is a Lagos-based company, led by Segun Demuren, that provides various services for private and corporate aircraft owners. In collaboration with NAC of South Africa, the company also offers aircraft maintenance. Furthermore, EAN hopes to provide helicopter services in cooperation with HeliPortugal.



4 responses to “Evergreen Apple Nigeria”

  1. Greg says :

    This is hoping they employ Nigerian pilots and technicians as time goes by. God knows South African businesses look down on Nigerians and it’s unfortunate that local investors accomodate the rubbish, for their attention is held only by lucre, just profits alone. Our immigration and labour authorities are worse, so that at the end of the day, it’s the resilience of local job seekers that helps them out

  2. tunji mabor says :

    Shine eye,
    Is this not the son of the current Director General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority?
    Where did the funding come from?
    How come no-one else has gotten space to build a maintenance hangar?

  3. Chima Oke says :

    This is a welcomed improvement in Nigerian aviation. I also have seen other hangars been erected in the area. Kudos to all the investors

  4. levi says :

    This is a welcome development, what if he is the son of the director general of NCAA they have come with package that will creat employment for nigerian

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