Arik Air Cancels Abuja-Akure

Arik Air has silently ceased its three weekly Abuja-Akure service. Akure airport is now no longer served by any airline.

Other news about Arik Air is that its A330-200 is still impounded and parked at Johannesburg. The Lagos-Johannesburg route is now operated with a B737-800.

In general, the airline appears not to be able or not willing to pay its bills as well as the salaries of its employees.


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One response to “Arik Air Cancels Abuja-Akure”

  1. R Sagan says :

    I am a british Arik air employee stuck in lagos, they have notpaid me for 2 months, I am in deep financial distress and nobody from management mentions salary.As far as I am concerned the company is bankrupt and the owner is shameless. People should not be treated like this, Arik is no better than a fsailed state airline.

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