NAF Chengdu F-7NI Crashes

A Nigerian Air Force Chengdu F-7NI fighter  aircraft crashed at Kano military airport killing the pilot. The aircraft failed to lift off from the runway the military flight school shares with Kano’s Mallam Aminu International Airport around 12:30. The plane crashed while still on the airport’s ground and immediately exploded. Click here for the press release from the NAF.

NAF - Chengdu FT-7NI Airguard (Copyright Ken Iwelumo)


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5 responses to “NAF Chengdu F-7NI Crashes”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    Engine failure or flame out at rotation? Flaps not set? If initial reports of it exploding are right, it would only do so if armed and a mix of that with Jet A1 would set off it off.
    Sadly the NAF will probably decide the outcome/s of the investigation panel should be kept secret.

    I hope the aircraft type will not turn out to be a widow maker.

  2. Skywalker says :

    NAF is starting to have a poor safety record. I believe the only major incident last year involved a refublished G-222 aircraft at Port Harcourt.
    NAF has to do more when it comes to pilot training and equipment and not VIP equipment for a chosen few.
    My heart and thoughts go out to the family of Captain Abubakar Suleiman. he made the ultimate sacrifice for country.

  3. Alaba Bham says :

    All air arms globally factors in annual attrition rates. I hope the investigation looks at training and proficiency especialy that pilot transition from sub sonic types to supersonic especially the high speeds on landing for delta wing aircraft.

    So many conflicting reports abound for yesterday’s crash. AviationSafetyNetwork even reports the F7 was landing wheels up.

  4. Skywalker says :

    Wheels up could be pilot induced error or mechanical failure and could end up in crash if the runway i.e 05/23 was too short to stop,
    Or if it was not able to lift off, it could still be pilot error i.e improper takeoff settings or mechanical fault like elevator/hydraulic problems with engines on full throttle.
    I hope this will properly be investigated and corrections applied to the whole F7 squadron.

  5. abajuo says :

    We have not been told the truth about this crash

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