Dana Air Resumes Flights To Port Harcourt

Dana Air announced it will resume flights from Lagos (twice daily) and Abuja (daily) to Port Harcourt per 28 March 2011.

  • 9J347 LOS-PHC 07:20-08:39
  • 9J346 PHC-LOS 09:18-10:35
  • 9J345 LOS-PHC 16:20-17:37
  • 9J344 PHC-LOS 18:00-19:20
  • 9J1996 ABV-PHC 15:15-16:20
  • 9J1997 PHC-ABV 16:55-17:55

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2 responses to “Dana Air Resumes Flights To Port Harcourt”

  1. Titus Adebayo says :

    How much is your flight from Abuja to portharcourt?

  2. willie wills says :

    pls how much is the fare from phc-los afternoon and evening flight?

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