First Aircraft Lands At Asaba Airport

The first aircraft ever landed at Asaba Airport on 23 March 2011. Overland Airways’ ATR42 (5N-BND) was chartered by the Delta State Government for the flight and carried the governor and other state officials. The visit to the airport was an election stunt. The airport terminal building is still far from complete and it will take at least a couple of months before commercial operations can commence at Asaba Airport.

Overland Airways - ATR42 (5N-BND) - Asaba Airport


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11 responses to “First Aircraft Lands At Asaba Airport”

  1. ANSELM MICHEAL says :

    it is a dream of every delta to see that airport moving on….
    The airport terminal building wil be completed in few month. So there is much hope 4 all nigerians

  2. Okonji says :

    We just cant wait to see it come to life


    Great to learn our home government is providing the required infrastructure to promote economic growth in Delta State and Nigeria at large. Come visit us at Boeing Everett Washington USA, and buy some new airplane, open an Airline that will use the new airport as a base. When airports are build in America, the Local government liaison with an Airline to operate the airport. Example is Seattle international airport has Alaska airline using the airport as its hub, Detroit airport has Delta airline and Northwest airline as it hub etc.

  4. ikeji Andrew Ify says :

    I must use this medium to commend the government of Delta State Government led by Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan, he has proven cynics wrong by deploying a people oriented projects across the state. The airport project is a milestone achievement, he has won our hearts and the confidence reposed on him by the good people of Delta State. Also, he has succeeded in writing his name in the sand of time. Long live my Gov

  5. Ambrose says :

    Its a great achievement by the Uduaghan led Administration. Let other States like Anambra borrow a leaf from Delta.

    We only hope and pray that this brings lasting good to all Deltans and Nigerians at large. It is indeed a window of opportunity to all Nigerians.

    Congratulations Gov. Uduaghan.

  6. OSHOGBO ANTHONY. says :

    I must use this medium to THANK GOD and also appreciates the government of Delta State Government led by Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan, All the working committees for their vision towards THE ASABA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Delta States is undergoing serious transformation GOD BLESS DELTA STATE, GOD BLESS DR E UDUAGHAN , GOD BLESS ANIOMA.

  7. Greg says :

    Similar efforts by state governments have occured at Gombe, Jalingo {Taraba}, Obudu {Cross River} and way back in the eighties, Owerri. But unfortunately, none of these airports receive scheduled airline service. Unlike Delta where oil money may help things along, we can only hope the federal government will step in with incentives to encourage our airlines to start services in these markets

  8. Alaba Bham says :

    I agree with Greg. Not wanting to rain on anyone’s parade, is this airport purely a prestige venture or are there business plans to make it pay for itself?

  9. Anonymous says :

    thanks to our aviation industry. They have realy done wellthanks to our aviation industry. They have realy done well

  10. mr joefrey martin's says :

    thanks to deltans.

  11. Akwe says :

    Delta stare government ar too much,u promised And u dileaved.

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