Last Update

This is the last update to be posted on this blog.

  • Arik Air lost the impounded A330-200 (5N-EIA) for good. The owner, Amentum Capital, is offering the aircraft for lease again.
  • Arik Air formally withdrew the B737-300s (5N-MJA/MJB) from its fleet. One of the B737-700s (5N-MJF) is also taped up and stored at Norwich. A Dash 8-Q400 is currently at Maastricht for maintenance.
  • This is the design for the proposed Arik Air Aviation Centre, Lagos. It is unlikely that the terminal/hangar will be built soon, as Arik Air is in financial dire straits and because of the ongoing struggle over the ownership of the GA Terminal at Lagos Airport. Click here for more information and images on the Neumann website.
  • Arik Air got approval from the US authorities to start services to Houston. The airline announced an non-stop Houston-Lagos route on its Facebook page. The new routing of its US flight will probably become LOS-JFK-IAH-LOS.
  • Air Nigeria will lease a seventeen year old B737-400 from ILFC. The aircraft (5N-VNM), still stored at Istanbul, has slightly smaller titles than the other Air Nigeria aircraft. One of Air Nigeria’s B733s (5N-VNC) has been stored at Shannon for months.
  • FirstNation Airways took delivery of three A320s (5N-FNA/5N-FNB/5N-FNC), which are now stored at Lagos Airport. The successor of Bellview Airlines aims to start scheduled services this month between Abuja, Kano, Lagos and Port Harcourt. However, the airline might be forced to delay the start of its operations, because it still has to obtain an AOC and its aircraft may be grounded for outstanding debts from Bellview Airlines era.
  • This is the first picture of the G550 (5N-FGW) that will soon join the Presidential Air Fleet of the NAF. A second Dassault Falcon 7X (5N-FGV) will follow later this year.
  • One of DANA’s Do328s (5N-IEP) was spotted in Bournemouth with an all-white livery.
  • This is an election promise made by the governor of Imo State: a new Owerri Airport. The State Government financed the failed Air Midwest project in the past.
  • Hangar8, a UK charter company, opened a fixed-base operation (FBO) in Lagos and Abuja.
  • The NCAA has inspected all classic B737s in Nigeria. Initially, the B737-300 freighter (5N-BMA) of Axiom Air, operated on Skypower Express’ AOC, was grounded.
  • An untitled Nigerian registered B727 freighter (5N-BNQ) was spotted in Poland, probably to pick up election material. The aircraft, registered 5N-BNQ, is owned by¬†Millennium Travel & Tours Ltd, but was operated under Associated Aviation flight code.
  • A Hawker 800XP was registered 5N-BNM in Lanseria and is operated by SkyJet Aviation (Barbedos Group).
  • Chanchangi Airlines announced that its B737-300s (5N-BMB/BMC) are undergoing heavy maintenance in Belgrade and Johannesburg and may return into service soon. The airline now operates two B733s wet-leased from Jordan Aviation.
  • The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority officially commissioned the new Flight Tracking Operations Command Centre in Lagos last month.
  • The Federal Government plans to build a new domestic terminal at Abuja.
  • IRS Airlines hopes to add more F100s to its fleet this year.
  • SkyBird Air took delivery of its first Dornier 328DBJ in February 2011.
  • One of the NAF G222s carrying election material made a hard landing at Abuja Airport on Friday, 8 April 2011. Meanwhile, a Mi35 helicopter also deployed for the election made an emergency landing in Bayelsa State.
  • The Nigerian Air Force inaugurated two Augusta A109 helicopters at the 305 Flying Training School in Enugu. The helicopters are meant for the training of military and civilian pilots.
  • The Nigerian Air Force announced it will organise an Air Expo in 2012.

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15 responses to “Last Update”

  1. Nneka says :

    Intresting, so much intrested in hanger8 plc for their office operations here in abuja. hav bsc pub adim.experience in sales…hop to hear from you soon.

  2. Walter O says :

    Too bad it’s come to an end. Thanks for the constant updates, it’s been really interesting knowing what’s going on @ home in the aviation sector.

  3. Oliver S. says :

    Why are you closing down this blog? I always enjoyed your aviation updates. Hope you change your mind on closing it down. Cheers, Oliver.

  4. Alaba says :

    I echo some of the sentiments above. It has been a great blog, concise and accurate with none of the sentimental / abusive elements found on other Nigerian devoted sites.
    Good luck with whatever your next project is.


  5. nigerianaviation says :

    Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately, it turned out to be impossible to obtain information at first hand from the players in the Nigerian aviation scene. Consequently, the blog became nothing more than a compilation of information available on the net, already accessible for everybody. Still, it’s not for a lack of sources that the blog is discontinued, but for a lack of time.

  6. Justice O. says :

    Even though it might have been a compilation of what is availableon the net, there is still value to alot of people I’m sure (myself included) in having one place to come to for a compilation of events going on in Nigerian Aviation industry. That’s why I keep coming back.

    All the best in your future endeavors.

  7. Iron Eagle says :

    I think the Do328 belongs to Dornier Aviation.

  8. John O. says :

    The 727 spotted in Polad belongs to a Ado Bayero, under the aegis of Millenium Air.

  9. Skywalker says :

    Really sad, I will have to remove it from my bookmarks.It was fun while it lasted. this was truly my favorite site, good luck with all your future projects.

  10. FrancoisM says :

    Sad to see you go, but it’s understandable.

    Re: Chanchangi: We know from the linked picture that one of the leased plane is JY-JAD. Anyone knows wich reg is the other one ? Could it be JY-JAO ? Has been seen in the exact “livery”



  11. Anonymous says :

    Really sad to see this end. I hope you change your mind, this was a very comprehensive source of Nigerian aviation information.

  12. chinwaco says :

    which day u pple will come to asaba?

  13. anengiyefa says :

    I just stumbled upon this and am angered to see that I had been missing so much. Great stuff.

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