KLM is 65 years in Nigeria

KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) is celebrating its 65th anniversary of flying into Nigeria. The airline started its operation in Nigeria on March 26, 1947 with a three weekly flight in/out of Kano. KLM currently offers daily flights out of Lagos, and three weekly flights out of Abuja and Kano to Amsterdam.

Convair CV-240 of KLM at Kano Airport in the early 1950s (copyright Old Git)



One response to “KLM is 65 years in Nigeria”

  1. Greg says :

    Far as am concerned, KLM can shove their celebration up their (CENSORED). Old timers in Nigerian aviation insist that KLM maliciously set the stage for the slide and eventual collapse of Nigeria Airways when they got the ill-advised management contract in 1979. In fact our airline’s finances were healthy and prospects for the long term were promising.There was a captive market, year on year growth, government cash for acquisitions, an intelligent if poorly motivated workforce and a good safety record. The naivety of Obasanjo and those soldiers is still amazing 30 years after. What did they think, that Europeans would actually groom an enterprise which was competing with theirs’ to success? But, sad to observe, the same convoluted thinking is present in public circles today.

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