NAF takes delivery of two refurbished Super Pumas

Two Eurocopter AS332 Super Pumas (NAF 565 and NAF 567) rejoined the fleet of the Nigerian Air Force last week. The helicopters were refurbished in Romania, after being grounded since 1997. Some of the five used Super Puma helicopters purchased from France in 2009 also joined the NAF recently.

Click here for a picture of the reburbished NAF 567 at Nyala Airport, Sudan.



5 responses to “NAF takes delivery of two refurbished Super Pumas”

  1. AlabaBham says :

    What was the cost of refurbishment of these Super Pumas? A new one is about $16 million a copy. Is this site up and running again? That would be great.

  2. Greg says :

    This site is a shadow of its former self, Alaba. Imagine, theres been no update since the 27th. Thank God for the Super Pumas. Pakistan, India, The Philippines and Mexico are some of the countries that have gone the refurbishment way with much success, I think. In Abacha and IBB times, we would have got nothing, remember ?

    • AlabaBham says :


      You are right. I feel there’s a need for maintaining such a site although Im not sure of the logistics around it. My concern is the aircraft are solely used by joyriding senior officers and not used for rescue or as seems to be needed, counter insurgency.


  3. Greg says :

    Alaba, boy! , joyrides, you’ve got me guffawin’ out here. With time though, the public will get to know of our officers’ shenanigans. Ultimately, I see them getting their act together. The grace of God trails this country, no matter how hard we screw things up. BTW, are you attending the Air Force open week? I stay in Benin City, but I’m making plans to attend

    • Anonymous says :

      Greg my brother, I live about 4000kms north of Benin but will keep up to date with the event. First NAF event I went to was in Lagos in 1976 when Tanzania’s president Julius Nyerere was guest. At that time the Mig 21 was Nigeria’s spearhead. Now it’s copy of it the F7. What progress..not!

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