Nigerian pastor launches airline: Dominion Air

Nigeria’s richest pastor and self-styled bishop, David Oyedepo (Winners’ Chapel/Living Faith Church), has expanded his vast business empire by floating an airline called Dominion Air. No more details are available about the aim of this venture, but Oyedepo already owns four private jets (a Challenger 604 and Gulfstreams I, IV, and V) and a private hangar at Lagos airport.

Update: Dominion Air operates a B1900D (5N-WCI) and a Challenger 600 (N664D).



23 responses to “Nigerian pastor launches airline: Dominion Air”

  1. Eze says :

    Only in Nigeria can such a perverse thing happen…Priests of shame.

    • Emmanuel says :

      @ Eze. What is Perverse about a pastor owning an airline business that will provide job opportunities for many Nigerians? Is airline business a prerogative of a particular religion or class of people?
      We will see more God sent ministers of the Gospel own airline businesses as this has opened the doors to Christain owned avaition business in Africa.
      GEN 26. Gal.3.

  2. Matthew chuks says :

    Any room for vacancy? Am a weight and balance officer ( load master)

  3. Rimzray says :

    Any room 4 Dispatchers! We on Standby….

  4. john benson okpe says :

    the church is meant to set the pace for the world and not the other way round. a christian was once the world richest man what is wrong with a pastor owning an airline as far as he is not stealing church money

  5. says :

    This is a surprising fact indeed. Something like this doesn’t happen everyday.

  6. Greg says :

    I don’t know where this site gets its information from. Last I heard, there was an N-registered Hawker 800A, and an N-registered Challenger 604. Some reports indicate the Bishop announced the purchase of a G IV or V during worship some months back, but ground personnel handling the jets (around the same period) told me in person, that there were no arrangements for any Gulfstreams at the hangar and in the office suites. They may have added aircraft since then I concede, but three Gulfstreams in about a year is a bit too much !

  7. Thankgod says :

    God bless you sir.and i think you have stir my faith again.
    I will fullfill my destiny

  8. Greg says :

    The so called airline is the result of the commencement of charter ops with a 5N- registered 19-seat Beech 1900D. The machine was acquired from Wings Aviation, which is based in Lagos, and once flew three of the type. One of them crashed on its way to Bebi airstrip, Cross River State, in 2009, killing the Nigerian crew. And ThankGod, keep your faith strong, God bless.

    • Anonymous says :

      Thanks for the update. It makes sense as 5N-PTL is usually parked at the Dominion hangar.
      Odepoye put up the GI and GIV for sale last year; supposedly, they are registered abroad. The acquisition of the GV was widely reported in the media last year.

  9. Peter says :

    Am a cargo specialist with over 10 years airline experience. Any vacancy on cargo dept.

  10. Greg says :

    Has anyone noticed, (ThankGod espsecialy): PTL stands for Praise The Lord !!!

  11. Koleoso Daniel says :

    Its a good thing: a welcome idea. As a christian, we are meant to be a pace setter and trail blazer. A good development.

  12. Benbest says :

    Big up bishop.more it.

  13. Solo chi says :

    Papa! go ahead!!! With people like you, soonest unemployement will die in Nigeria. By this single act, you have given hope to so many jobless Nigerians. In fact, you will live long for us. Keep it up. I hail ooo!!

  14. SON 2 BISHOP says :

    That’s my Bishop! You have not seen anything yet! I am coming….

  15. Bashir f. biodun says :

    Fela had said this but we refused to yield to it. This goes against the truth preaching of JESUS himself. Our religious are all ‘anointed devil’.

    • pearl says :

      @Bashir, this does not go against d preaching of Jesus. Every parent prays that his child will surpass him in whatever he has done. Our Heavenly Father wants the same for us. That’s why Jesus said in John 14:11-13 that anyone who believes in him will do greater works than he has done. The world has developed. If we did not want improvement we should not have invented shoes to walk for example. Life builds up. Life cannot be as primitive as in d days of Jesus.
      So do get into d scriptures. The world has not seen anything yet. Christians will rise to possess, influence and create the systems for the world to be a better place, me inclusive. What of u Bashir?

  16. SUN TEMIATSE says :

    It is the lord’s doing nd it is marvalous in our sight

  17. David says :

    I cherish the goal-getter, record-breaker and pace-setter: he(Oyedepo), is proving the abundence life and wealthiness of our GOD.

  18. Ekpe Ishioma says :

    For d Glory of d latter house shall be greater than dt of d former. Indeed dis is d hand of d Lord. Nigerians ain’t seen anything yet. GLORY! GLORY! GLORY!

  19. Gbolahan Lawrence Oyedare says :

    God is good i need the blesing from God may God help me.

  20. Ademola Adebayo says :

    The bible clearly says that the last days will be dominated by wolves, who masquerade themselves as shepherds. The bible sets the standard for what a Pastor should do. May I ask, which one of Paul, Peter, Timothy or John involved themselves in ventures that non Christians involved themselves in?

    BTW Paul and Peter were martyred, whilst John was banished to the isle of patmos. Today, about 500 Christians would be martyred throughout the world, because of their love for Christ. I suppose facts such as these are last on the mind of charlatans like GO and Oyedepo.

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