Chanchangi resumes domestic operations once again

Chanchangi Airlines has once more resumed operations between Abuja, Kaduna and Lagos. The struggling airline was operating a B737-300 wet-leased from Jordan Aviation recently, but perhaps one of the airline’s own aircraft (5N-BMB/-BMC) have now returned from maintenance abroad.


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5 responses to “Chanchangi resumes domestic operations once again”

  1. Rimzray says :

    Chancgangi die hard! Sai Kun yi….

  2. Skywalker says :

    Thank God this Site is back on. I have kept an eye on this site since it went on Hiatus. Welcome back sir. I believe on of the Jordanian registered aircraft is doing the rounds for chanchangi airlines. JY-JAD/O

  3. Eze says :

    Not the Changi people again !
    NCAA should ban any airline with fewer than a certain number of serviceable aircraft!

  4. Greg says :

    Eze, give them a chance… at least we can praise them for keeping dozens of patriots employed. It means even many other more dozen stomachs filled…

  5. Anonymous says :

    One of their airplanes are on Blegrade airport… B733

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