House of Representatives directs BA to reduce ticket prices

Nigerian government and aviation agencies tumble over each other to condemn the high fares charged by British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways on the Lagos-London route. The Aviation Committee of the House of Representatives yesterday also joined the chorus of disapproval:

“Our people are suffering and they are complaining. Reduce your fares or quit; it is either you tell us that you will reduce them or you quit”, Chairman of the House committee, Mrs. Nkiruka Onyejeocha, told the BA’s Country General Manager, Mr. Kola Olayinka, in Abuja on Monday.

Meanwhile, ordinary Nigerian customers are also criticising the government and aviation agencies for their arbitrary attack on the British airlines, in what is now called ‘faregate’, on the webpage of the minister of aviation. They blame the high airport charges in Nigeria, the lack of infrastructure, the lack of a viable national carrier, as well as the hypocrisy of Nigerian politicians who take pride in flying First Class on foreign airlines.



3 responses to “House of Representatives directs BA to reduce ticket prices”

  1. da_hermitots says :

    Something is definitely wrong with us as a people. Arik air does heathrow and new york on very modern airliners. Why aren’t these governement leeches flying arik?

  2. Greg says :

    Fair comment, der hemitots. BA and Virgin and the rest nevertheless deserve a lock-out because their attitude towards us is best for two year olds. Like I said in this site before, if we throw them out, heaven will not fall; Abacha did the same in ’94, and BA regretted sorely. Heaven did not fall. Of course our politicans even have luxury jets crewed by Europeans; like it is with our hospitals, they can’t trust our airlines to fly them. Which is ugly. But it’s a different thing accepting BS from the British. It’s time we stood up to them

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      There is no need to call anyone names here, please.

      By the way, why are the responsible authorities not looking into the position of Ethiopian, Kenyan, South African, Emirates, Delta, etc.? London-Lagos is actually one of the few routes with some competition. These politicians should focus their attention to real problems rather than trying to gain public popularity from nothing. Work out the regulation, provide the infrastructure, and enforce compliance.

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