Arik Air: 2012 summer schedule

Arik Air published its summer 2012 flight schedule online. The airline has dropped the Kano-Enugu route from its schedule.



2 responses to “Arik Air: 2012 summer schedule”

  1. says :

    The Federal Government should eliminate landing and other fees at lightly used airfields like Akure, to encourage our airlines to fly there. Witness Arik’s withdrawal from Akure. But they should be commended for maintaining Katsina-Abuja

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      Some State Governments actually subsidise airliners flying into their state capitals, for example at Ilorin (Arik Air), Ibadan (Arik Air), Asaba (Overland) and Uyo (Dana Air). But even with government support, the Abuja-Minna route proved unprofitable for Overland Airways. Demand on these routes is just to low. The authorities should perhaps rather focus on improving other infrastructure than building airports, in particular better roads and electricity are essential for further economic growth.

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