Nigeria Police Air Wing

The Nigeria Police recently acquired a Cessna 560XLS Citation Excel + (5N-HAR). In the 1990s the Police already operated a Cessna Citation I (5N-APN), a Cessna Conquest II (5N-APZ), both stored at Lagos Airport, and a Cessna Citation II (5N-NPF). The latter aircraft was later transferred to the Nigerian Air Force and re-registered 5N-AYA.

After retiring at two Bell 47Gs, two Bell 412s, and Bell 222s in the 1990s, the Police Air Wing now operates the following fleet of helicopters:

A fourth Bell 427 (5N-POL) crashed at Rukuba near Jos on 14 March 2012.

In 2005, the Federal Capital Authority also donated a Robinson R44 (5N-BKF) to the Nigeria Police, but the chopper never entered service because there was no pilot nor suitable fuel. In November 2007, two Mi-17 aircraft were acquired from/donated by Ukraine for the Police Air Wing, but the two helicopters mysteriously went missing as part of the Police Equipment Fund-fraud, led by Kenny Martins. The Police Force was attempting to sell a Schweizer 269C (5N-BAD) and a Bell 47G (5N-APF) in February 2012. Both choppers are stored at Lagos and haven’t flown since 1991.

In October 2010, the Federal Government announced that it would acquire five Bell 429 helicopters for the Police Force, and the President declared the intention to purchase a police helicopter for each state. It is interesting to know that all recent acquisitions for the Police Air Wing were conducted by Manyatta Engineering Services, a company owned by the former Kaduna State governor and present Vice-President Namadi Sambo. This company also acquired two Bell 427s for the Nigeria Customs Service, which were accepted in April 2012 (one is registered 5N-NCS).

Meanwhile, Lagos State Government has acquired two Bell 412s in 2009 for security operations, even though the helicopters are now operated by Caverton Helicopters for the oil and gas industry. In September 2011, Ondo State Government also announced the acquisition of helicopters for surveillance tasks. It plans to establish a helicopter company at Lagos Airport in cooperation with an ex-Caverton staff member.

Nigeria Police Air Wing - Bell 412 (5N-LEH)

Nigeria Police Air Wing – Bell 412 (5N-LEH)



11 responses to “Nigeria Police Air Wing”

  1. Hosea says :

    As a helicopter engineer, i am ready to transfer my service to Nigeria Police Air Wing.

  2. Musa badamasi says :

    I am damn proud to be an air police.

  3. Nura Haruna says :

    am happy to be among the pilots to fly the Nigeria police Helicopters .

  4. Nura Haruna says :

    Proud of being among

  5. eze isabella says :

    So does this mean that the Nigerian Police Force has no trained pilot to fly their helicopters?

  6. fred says :

    Nura Haruna, when and where did u fly that helicopter……i dont know u as a staff of Airwing….u can not possibly flown as many hours as u can

  7. Oyibo Joseph says :

    I want to remind Nigeria police about the exercise that took us to the school of air wing aviation in the year 2013 that we are still waiting to go back to the school to continue our programs

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