KLM cancels Abuja and Kano per June 2012

KLM is cancelling its three weekly Amsterdam-Abuja-Kano-Amsterdam flight per 1 June 2012. This leaves Kano Airport without a direct air link to Europe after decades of uninterrupted service. MEA Air Liban, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Sudan Airways and Egyptair are currently the other international airlines flying to Kano.


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7 responses to “KLM cancels Abuja and Kano per June 2012”

  1. Eze says :

    Turkish Airlines is starting KANO soon. Their lounge in Istanbul was voted the best in Europe and their frequent flier progam (Smiles & Miles) is one of the best. Given the choice between TK and KL, I would choose TK hands down. The times have changed. KLM and other mainstream European airlines are much over-rated in Nigeria, in my opinion. KL for me recalls ageing cabin crew and the old establishment, not necessarily the most competitive…Look at TK’s ratings…They speak for themselves! Connect KAN to IST and you are within 10 hours to any European city via Turkish Airlines. I know I sound like a salesman writing this but I’m very passionate about TK. Their onboard food is out of this world!

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      It would be nice if TK fills up the gap. KLM was carrying cargo rather than passengers from Kano, but the city’s economy is no longer what it was in the past. Their depature from Abuja is of course related to AirFrance returning to the capital in June.

  2. Idris says :

    Very sad to see KLM pull out of Kano after more than 60 years of uninterrupted service. Really hope to see them back soon!

  3. Lagos Airport Forum says :

    They must have a good business to have to pull out of Kano. Present economic realities indicate that they reaaly stuck it out operating solo all these years.
    It seems it was already before this millenium they were the European loners in Kano. On the plus side, other cities’ economies are picking up, so they would tend to go where the money is.

    • Rilwan mt says :

      Wow! Since when has business institutions feel lonely? I thought its the dream of any business entity to monopolize a market if conditions warrant it.

  4. hopkins says :

    Kano airport is the pits. Surprised KLM stuck it out this long. The Duty free cart was busy on the inbound leg.

  5. Rilwan mt says :

    It’s so sad to see KLM throw this historic service record into the dust been of history, as confusing and baffling as this decision of their’s is, it is a painful reminder that the Kano state’s economy is not picking up or worse yet in continuos decline since the hay days of the ground nut pyramids ; hard to tell becourse reliable business statistics reports that will indicate on either one of these traits are hard to come by now adays. What’s clear is that alot of the industries remain shut, due to lack of power . This has delt a paralyzing blow to the state’s economy And, the state government has yet to do any thing about it, other than make endless empty promises. Amazingly the hospitality industry seem to be doing much better now than within the last decade. My hope is that the state gov. Will See to it that this obsurdly stubborn problem is brought to an end ASAP.

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