Federal Government in new legal tussle with Bi-Courtney

The Federal Government has gone to court again to have the concession given to Bi-Courtney to operate the MMA2 Terminal at Lagos reduced from 36 to 12 years. Bi-Courtney was awarded the concession in 2003 to design, build and operate the domestic terminal for an agreed number of years to recoup its investment.

The move comes after the much criticised and controversial ejection of Maevis, another concession holder, from Lagos and Abuja airports by the FAAN. Meanwhile, it is reported that the current MD of FAAN, George Uriesi, spent N228 million on the reparation of three generators at Abuja Airport in 2009, against all financial rules. The FAAN is also accused of several other fraudulent transactions.



One response to “Federal Government in new legal tussle with Bi-Courtney”

  1. Eze says :

    Nigeria’s jungle regulatory and legal environment….a retarding factor for serious investors. Contracts are written with hundreds of loop holes, substandard English, and most importantly the bidding process is not transparent. Nigeria will continue to lag behind in infrastructure, way behind even the likes of Angola and Sudan. Successive governments hide behind “private funds” mantra for vital infrastructure but at the same time mishandle the concession. Do they even know what a concession means? It should be a win-win situation.

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