Nigerian Air Force F7 crashes at Kaduna

A Chengdu F-7NI of the Nigerian Air Force crashed yesterday near Kaduna Airport. The pilot survived the accident that happened during a training mission. It’s the third loss of this type of fighter aircraft for the NAF in less than fourteen months time, after it entered service in 2010. A F-7NI crashed at Kano Airport in March 2011 and a FT-7NI near Gboko in May 2011. This means that the Air Force has two FT-7NI (training variant) and ten F-7NI fighters remaining in its fleet.


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7 responses to “Nigerian Air Force F7 crashes at Kaduna”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    Hi attrition rate. Alas we will never know the causes of the crashes as its always kept confidential under ‘national security’.

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      It makes you wonder indeed: technical issues, lack of maintenance, inexperienced pilots? None of the lost fighters are being replaced, so with this rate of accidents the problem will soon solve itself.

  2. Alaba Bham says :

    So true! I havent come across any data that shows how much flying NAF pilots do per aircraft type, what operational dispatch issues are there. Some senator or politician should raise these questions in the House (I know that sounds naive, but something should be done) .

  3. Eimieho emmanuel says :

    Please how can i work as an airport authority

  4. Agbale Emmanuel says :

    Iwrote NDA exams in 2012 but they did’nt paste my name

  5. Alaba Bham says :

    Its not only the Nigerian Government that can waste money on jet fighters. The UK government just cancelled the Royal Navy order for American Jump jets losing £100m in the process.

  6. Alaba says :

    The International Fighter Conference will be on in London 6th -8th November and the Chief of the NAF will be a keynote speaker. Rumours are that the NAF are after air superiority and close air support equipment of a Western nature.

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