This week’s update

Short updates:

  • Aero has doubled its daily flights from Lagos to Calabar, Kano and Uyo (schedules).
  • Aero’s fourth B737-400 (5N-BOB) was ferried to Lasham for painting.
  • Arik Air will end its lease and lease back construction with HiFly soon. The two A345s will be transferred to the Nigerian registry and operated on Arik’s own AOC. CS-TFX will become 5N-JIA and CS-TFW will be re-registered 5N-JIB.
  • Intrepid Aviation has denied that it will be leasing (up to) four A330s to Arik Air.
  • Arik Air’s B738 (5N-MJP) returned into service after maintenance work at Smith Reynolds Airport.
  • EgyptAir is reported to have agreed a one-year wet-lease of two of its A330-200 aircraft to Air Nigeria from May and June 2012.
  • FirstNation Airways has temporarily suspended its daily Lagos-Port Harcourt flight due to the lack of operational aircraft.
  • Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates have signed an air services Memorandum of Understanding, which allows an increase in all-cargo frequency entitlements for the designated carriers of the two countries.
  • A new start-up, Gambia Birds, is planning to commence flights between Banjul and Lagos.

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5 responses to “This week’s update”

  1. Will Horton says :

    The US DOT recently only gave HiFly a six month extension to the wet-lease operation with Arik. Does Arik want more certainty, hence moving the A345s to Nigeria registry? Why didn’t Arik move the aircraft registration earlier?

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      Arik Air was earlier not authorised by the US to operate Nigerian registered aircraft into the US. Supposedly, it’s less expensive to operate the aircraft themselves rather than by HiFly. It will take a couple of months before the re-registration is completed.

      • Will Horton says :

        So they’ve received US permission to operate the aircraft themselves?

  2. Aviation in Nigeria says :

    Nigeria has a Cat 1 safety rating and Arik Air is a IOSA registered airline, so they should have applied for permission.

  3. Greg says :

    Inspiring. Arik operations will have increased local human input, and the experience will spread throughout the airline; good for the industry

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