Aero introduces a revised colour scheme

Aero’s new B737-400 (5N-BOB) is the airline’s third aircraft (after 5N-BJA and 5N-BOC) to receive a revised colour scheme. The tail colours of the aircraft are reversed and the ‘’ (5N-BLD) titles dropped again.

Aero also unveiled its new cabin crew uniforms on the 1st of May to mark the airline’s 53rd anniversary.

Aero - B737-400 - 5N-BOB (copyright AJ Best)

Aero – B737-400 – 5N-BOB (copyright AJ Best)



11 responses to “Aero introduces a revised colour scheme”

  1. da_hermitots says :

    5N-BOC should make it at least 3 with the very attractive and classy scheme reminiscent of easyjet.

  2. Alaba Bham says :

    53 years of Aero. Well done to the company for lasting that long in a turbulent Nigerian aviation environment. They’ve seen off West African Airways Corporation (WAAC) and all comers since then!

  3. Greg says :

    Yes, WAAC….and Intercontinental, GAS, Barnax, Triax, Holdtrade, Okada, Savannah, Oriental, Fassey Royal, ADC, Mission from God, Sosoliso, Bellview (no, First Nation is on life support, so the fate of Bellview’s re-incarnation is by no means certain), and others too numerous to mention…

    • Eze says :

      Too numerous to mention but I’ll try….Afrijet, Trans Sahel, Zenith, Chanchangi, Albarka, Savannah, Earth Airlines, EAS, Freedom Air Services, Fresh (not anymore lol), Dasab, Chrome, Skyline, etc. etc. None of them is missed. Indeed, Aero’s record and continuity speaks for itself. Congratulations to them for this truly amazing feat of continuous operations since the late 50’s.

  4. Alaba Bham says :

    Friends, I’ve been away for a while but which one is Mission Of God?

  5. Greg says :

    Hats off to Eze for coming up with (some) of the rest. Mission from God was the alias of a B727 operator believed to have been set up by Kema Chikwe when she was aviation minister. She and the Yugoslavians who were wet-leasing aircraft to Nigerian operators simply hatched on an opportunity to utilise a spare B727. Didn’t last long, however. The company’s real name escapes me, but Mission from God was boldly written on the jet too.

  6. Alaba Bham says :

    Thanks Greg.

  7. Frank says :

    The airline you are refering to is called falcon airlines

  8. Alaba Bham says :

    Is there a business history or paper on Aero from founding ideals, stormy times, key players, financials etc? Conversely has there been similar papers done on the rise and demise of airlines like Nigeria Airways, Kabo Air et al? If not for business schools, certainly for future African aviation entrepreneurs.

  9. Alaba Bham says :

    The Twin Otters were my abiding memories of Aero.

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