EagleAir Flight Training Centre, Minna

Apparently, a new aviation school was opened at Minna Airport in March 2012. EagleAir Flight Training Centre will provide various aviation training courses in collaboration with WillowAir, UK. It offers a ground school course for Private Pilot’s License and in the near future also for Commercial Pilot’s License and Instructors Rating.


16 responses to “EagleAir Flight Training Centre, Minna”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    Another start up training school. Just had a quick look at its website and did not see anywhere stating its been certfied by the Aviation Ministry or is that not a prerequisite?
    Talking about training, there is a microlight flight school in Ghana aimed at health care nurses etc to learn to fly the micros and deliver healthcare into the rural parts of Ghana. Basic but it works and this should be where Nigeria should also aim at for healthcare, postal systems and hey, survelliance.
    Since I’m on my soapbox this afternoon, I think some of the abandoned aircraft littering Nigerian airports should be transported wingless or however to technical and /or secondary schools all over to help promote aviation. Rudimentary training could then be offered in maintenance, repairs, engine systems et al again setting a basic system of aviation education.
    Soap box over!

  2. Skywalker says :

    I just saw it on PPRUNE, hoping someone with more info could give some more details…It seems there is another in Benin as well. http://www.bestaviation.net/school/cyclone-aviation-school-nigeria/. The NCAA website doesn’t help either, with most of their pages under-construction. they should have a complete list for the general public to verify. but then again this is Nigeria.

  3. Greg says :

    “that would be a great privilege….”.
    I know there are up to 30 Nigerian and foreign trained young Nigerian pilots, most of them in the Lagos area alone, who are daily being rejected by aircraft opertaors, so its difficult to ascertain how the “pilots of the future generation” will get work.
    In fact, let this site and ALL ITS VISITORS alert the Amnesty Office that it may have a time bomb on its hands. How come? They were boasting of their achievements when ex-militant trainees in South Africa soloed, recently. Those ones will soon complete their trainning and come back home.
    Whether theyll be as patient as the frustrated lads on the streets is the part that scares me because, the SA trainees are FAMILIAR WITH AK-47S, and tend to have SHORT FUSES!

  4. Alaba Bham says :

    Next week’s Air Expo should be more than the Air Force and should include commercial firms like Aero and Arik as well as these start up schools. A follow up to Greg’s last comment should be a proviso for any new start up airline to have a percentage local content in its air crew (and technical ones). These can then be made to include established airlines when operators licences are due for renewals. For example, in Year 1 of operations, a minimum of 25% of that airline’s co – pilots should be of Nigerian origin increasing to 90% by Year 5. Same would apply to captains.

  5. Greg says :

    Alaba, you belong to progressive climes where they take such issues seriously. Otherwise, why aren’t there more responses to my concerns? Our people don’t know how to build a nation, period. Sorry about the pessimism, but the evidence supports me

  6. Peter says :

    Advertising an aviation school without ATOs, not NCCA, FAA, IATA. What then is the school for?

  7. Tapa says :

    That of Benin is a Scam, no aviation school in Benin they are just stealing through tricks. dont know about Eagle air Yet. but as far as am concern, No flight school in Nigeria Aside NCAT Zaria and IAC Ilorin.

  8. Tapa says :

    quote me anywhere.

  9. Ben says :

    Beaware that Eagle air aviation in minna is just a scam. No certification. The jar/easa they tell people they issue! Is only a fool that can listen to that. NCAA where are you? Arrest them.

  10. Bashir isah says :

    Pls is there any scolarship available?

  11. bona says :

    may i have the contact details please,

  12. ekwueme esther says :

    All i want to know about your school fees,form amount and duration

  13. ella paul says :

    How do l know more about the school and enroll

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