New charter company: Izy Air

Yet another charter company opened its doors in Nigeria. Abuja-based Izy Air offers charter flights with a fleet consisting of a Citation X, Learjet 60 and Citation XLS (operated by JetAlliance and Air Quest) to customers throughout Africa. The company, managed by Alex Izinyon, has applied to the Federal Ministry of Air Transport for a license to operate in the country. The company probably owns the recent 5N-IZY registered Hawker 800XP.



2 responses to “New charter company: Izy Air”

  1. Frank says :

    Aviation in nigeria, are the citation X, XLS and learjet 60 aircraft nigerian or foreign registered? I understand they are already operating. If so, on whose AOC? Lastly whats their relationship with primeair?

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      No, the aircraft are foreign registered. They operate on Skypower’s AOC (like Axiom Air and Topbrass), but no link with Prime Air Services.

      Skypower Express Airways no longer operates any aircraft of its own, but apparently facilitates operations for other companies. It’s a rather murky situation, since the chairman of Skypower, Muhammed Joji, is also the AON secretary-general.

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