Air Nigeria’s first A330-200 arrives at Lagos

Air Nigeria took delivery of its first A330-200 yesterday. The aircraft (SU-GCI) is wet-leased from EgyptAir and arrived at Lagos Airport from Cairo in the evening; a second aircraft will soon follow. Air Nigeria will resume a three weekly Lagos-London Gatwick service on Wednesday, and aims to start flights to Johannesburg this week too.

Air Nigeria - A330-200 - SU-GCI

Air Nigeria – A330-200 – SU-GCI



5 responses to “Air Nigeria’s first A330-200 arrives at Lagos”

  1. Sami says :

    Lovely! Full paint job. Name of plane: Papa Do. What’s the origin of this name?

  2. Alaba Bham says :

    Wet leasing? Again?

  3. Jack says :

    @Sami Papa David Oyedepo

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