Enugu Airport re-opens on 16 May 2012

Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu, will be open again for commercial operations on 16 May 2012. The airport was shut down for almost eight weeks during which new runway lighting was installed. The airport was closed for almost a year in 2010 as the runway was completely refurbished.

Enugu Airport runway

Enugu Airport runway



10 responses to “Enugu Airport re-opens on 16 May 2012”

  1. Lagos Aiport Forum says :

    CAT II or higher?

  2. Skywalker says :

    I really wish they do something about 18L lights in Lagos. I can only imagine the amount of fuel/cost moving from one end of the airfield to the other for any night operation(s). What keeping FAAN/NAMA from installing lights on 18L?

  3. Chief Udeagbara, Unateze !! of Nara says :

    Why do Yorobas name their airport in Lagos after Mr Murtala Muhammed- a coupist,
    mass murderer and war criminal?

  4. Greg says :

    First off Chief Udeagbara, Yorubas do not own the airport in Lagos, all Nigerians, through the Federal Government, do. Secondly, as Trustees of the airport, the FG and not Yorubas, named it (and rightly so). Third point: while I do not argue questions of coups, murder and crimes with you, I humbly disclose that Muhammed did a honest job of motivating the nation after nine years of rule under one man , Gowon (which is not to criticize Gowon either). He created more states, envisioned Abuja, drove the independence of Angola and Mozambique, and bequeathed a dynamism that no government (military or civilian) has matched in Nigeria ever since. These are some of the reasons why the airport was named after him.

    • Lagos Airport Forum says :

      And not to get too much in the mix of things. In response to 3. and 4.

      Lagos International Airport is the original name. Also known as simply Lagos Airport.
      For those Nigerians who in their hearts and minds never subscribed to any form of military rulership as well as foreigners and tourists alike, it could be pretty confusing with the current name, which took effect midway during the airport construction as events unfolded. It’s easy to confuse Nigeria with a middle eastern country with a name like like that.
      Due to the historical federal character and growing metropolistic world city status of Lagos, it’s becoming more important to emphapsize Lagos and may warrant a renaming back to its original name, a move to be seen arather as a strategic ‘upgrade’ and not to be misunderstood for disrespect to a former military head of state. One wou’ld even call it a rebranding as such, as the real Lagos as a brand has ever stood in it’s place.

      Gowon also came from the same military household, Again, no military compliments, but thanks to him and his signatures, we have the national airport system in place today, hardly matched by any other country on the continent. It was also during his tenure that the up till now largest wave of multifaceted development took place, of course, helped in no small part by the flow of petrodollars.

      The current and future outlook now is for the airport system to really come alive in tandem with growing econmic and social development.

  5. Greg says :

    Lag Airp Frm, it’s unfair to liken the airport’s name to the names of Middle Easterners in derogatory terms. Mrtla Mhmd was the name of a Nigerian, period. He could’t be blamed for birth in a culture that borrowed heavily from a different culture far away could he? That was an accident or outcome of history. What would Nigerians with English names think if you suggested that MARGARET Ekpo International reminded you of Ireland or the US? Why, we should even ask David Mark to ditch his two English names for local ones. Sirs, the polity needs prudent, patient and affectionate behaviour these days. Let’s strive to cultivate such tennets

    • Lagos Airport Forum says :

      As expected, someone out there was likey to miss some points in comment 4.

      As with the name situation with Lagos, when you look at historical significance and during original planning, it wasn’t for nothing the FG approved the name.
      unfortunate circumstance took their toll.
      Some notable airport renamings under similar circumstances:-

      New York: from Idlewild to JKF
      New Delhi: from Palam to Indira Ghandi
      Johannesburg: from Jan Smuts to Oliver Tambo

      Different cirumstance
      Accra: from Ghana International to Kotoka

      The major difference between the first three examples and the latter: non-military and military. Also study the nature of leadership of theses country pre and post the renamings. The South African case, obviously with the struggle to end apartheid clearly stands out.
      Citing the growing significance of the Lagos metropoilis coupled with the new dispensation as the nation forges ahead to the future away from a distant military past, a functional renaming could well do a world of good. This is definitely not sentimental but practical.
      Several other infrastructre landmarks currently unnamed to take a name transfer if it comes to that.

  6. David okwuchukwu umezeka says :

    I want to know when enugu airport re-open

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