President Jonathan opens NAF Air Expo 2012

The five-day Nigerian Air Force Air Expo kicked off at Kaduna Airport yesterday. President Goodluck Jonathan opened the air and static show, which started with an aerial display involving several NAF aircraft.

A nice series of pictures of this year’s  show is made by Ken Iwelumo.

The Federal Government announced it approved the acquisition of a N1.73 billion Cessna Citation CJ4 surveillance aircraft for the Nigeria Customs Service.


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9 responses to “President Jonathan opens NAF Air Expo 2012”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    Customs surveilance aircraft? Why? What are the roles of the Air Force ATRs 42 if not surveilance. The E-suite covers maritime, environmental,drug smuggling, piracy and other economic surveilance. I understand both aircraft were even retrofitted with Ku-band sat comm system at great cost meaning that it could intergrate with Customs/ Police/ Army radio frequencies et al directing sea and ground based units to intercept.
    This Dash 8 will just end up ferrying ogas’ here and there solely. Waste continues.

  2. Frank says :

    I agree with you absolutely. Same happened with the fleet of 5 dornier 228 aircraft belonging to the air border patrol unit of the federal ministry of internal affairs from 1989. The aircraft were used to ferry their minister all over the country. It never for once patrolled the borders. Secondly, there is presently the presidential committee on maritime affairs(PICOM) in the office of the NSA in the presidency. The aquired a king 350 some years ago for same duplicate function. The airplane is rather used to carry the big boys rather than any maritime surveillance. Such ernomous wasteful govt expenditure are what labour and civil society groups are suppose to be fighting

  3. Greg says :

    Look, we don’t know how to build a nation, period

  4. Alaba Bham says :

    My bad. Its a Citation CJ4 instead of a Dash 8. My sentiments remain the same though.

  5. Alaba Bham says :

    I know Im flogging a dead horse but is there quarterly/ annual data showing how many intercepts resulted from the use of these aircraft going back many years? How many hours flown annually? Cost of operations? Patrol area? Manifest reviews to show whether its used for stated purpose or for senior staff as personal mounts?
    Greg and Frank would probably there is no such data in Nigerian aviation governance but who knows!

  6. Greg says :

    “…but who knows” (@ Alaba Bham).
    Ever heard the one about God, the Ghanian, the Indian and the Nigerian?
    The Indian approached The Almighty King and asked: “How long will it take India to become rich and developed like Western Europe and the US?” God answered, “10 years.” Next, the Ghanian fell in and asked the same question. “50 years”, came the reply. Our brother then took position, asked the question and…and…God burst into tears!!!
    Well, may He forgive me, God can never ever cry over anything. But it does give you a picture of how hopeless the system we’re evolving is.

  7. Alaba Bham says :

    Can we have more reports from the concluding Air Expo apart from Government drivel please? Saw on the Airexpo website the list of ‘invited’ exhibitors (how many actually showed up I wonder ) which included Bellview, 7Up, Coca Cola & Nigerian Breweries. A defunct airline and beverage manufacturers at an air show..very relevant. The air displays highlighted mean little except for lulling the Nigerian public a sense of false air power.

  8. Michael says :

    Please, let the Nigerian Airforce stop purchasing jets from China and Russia,,which often had crashed due to technical problems. The US warplanes and Israeli jets are better and more lethal,,, the Warplanes in our squadrons should be replaced with Israeli F-15s and F-16s warplanes,,

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