Overland Airways to open Abuja-Bauchi route

Overland Airways announced it will commence an Abuja-Bauchi-Abuja service on weekdays per 23 May 2012. Bauchi Airport was recently re-opened after renovation works. Overland mainly flies from Abuja and Lagos to minor domestic airports, such as Ilorin, Ibadan and Asaba.

Schedule (flights on weekdays only):

  • OJ1193 ABV-BCU 10:00-11:00
  • OJ1194 BCU-ABV 11:30-12:30

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18 responses to “Overland Airways to open Abuja-Bauchi route”

  1. Frank says :

    What type of airplane will they use for this service?

  2. Frank says :

    Aviation in nigeria or anyone else have a more specific information on the type of aircraft. Is it a B1900 or ATR. They have being expecting the return of the B1900 from a check this month.

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      First flight was yesterday: It’s the ATR that they are using on this route.
      One of the ATR’s and two B1900s went to France for maintenance last year, are they back in Nigeria?

  3. Greg says :

    Avtn in Nig is probably right. The cost effectiveness of investing in a new type because of such a route and its thin margins is questionable. If pax numbers are low, they’ll fly the Beech; if high, the ATRs. It makes sense. But if Frank just has to be sure, he should simply contact Overland’s Lagos office.

  4. Frank says :

    They are expecting their airplanes to rtn from maintenance in france from June. An another note, what is happening to associated aviation? They have more than half of their fleet depleted. Any info on when the emb120s will be back from maintenance. With the new CBN cashless policy, i bet many air cargo airlines like associated will tradeoff their B727Fs. Sometime ago their sole emb145 had to be ferried to spain to fix an autopilot defect. Am not sure it has rejoined the fleet. Finally, anyone with information on new charter entrants Skybirdair. Am told one DO328jet is already on ground. Two more are expected in addition to a former presidency GIV that d bought and is at Dallas for a check. Aviation in nigeria or anyone else has info on flight crew training and hiring as i am interested.

  5. Frank says :

    Aviation in nigeria, any info on when overland’s two beech 1900D (5N-BCO and 5N-BCP) will rtn from maintenance checks

  6. Frank says :

    Is it true that overland is also expecting to take delivery of 2 challenger business jets? When are they expected? Will the 1900s be used for charter or airline operations?

  7. UE says :

    Haven’t really been able to find a lot about them. My initial lead was to find a link between elite jets nigeria and the one in SA; seems there’s none. Well, in any case we’ll start seeing these new outfits very regularly now since GA in Nigeria is only beginning!

  8. Frank says :

    Still overland B1900s not back from checks. Anyone with any info on this.

  9. UE says :

    Did 5N-BCO return already? Seems like there is atleast 1 ATR and 1 B1900 in Toulouse with Atlantique Air. Does anyone know if the returned B1900 is flying?

  10. UE says :

    It seems like there are 2 B1900D’s for Overland sitting at Lagos. Haven’t seen them flying though. Are they short of crew? I suppose with aircrafts coming from checks, that could be the only reason.
    On the other hand I have seen at least 2 ATR 42 and 1 ATR 72 operating out of Lagos regularly.

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