Air Nigeria daily to London, postpones Johannesburg

Air Nigeria, apparently, started with a daily service to London Gatwick and postponed the start of its Lagos-Johannesburg flights till 17 June 2012. Initially, the airline announced a three weekly service to both destinations, and the changes to these plans were not communicated by the airline to the public.

Air Nigeria completed its first revenue flight to London with a leased A332 yesterday. Air Nigeria thus offers 268 seats per day against Arik Air’s 237 seats. Daily schedule:

  • VK293: LOS-LGW 23:50 → 06:50
  • VK292: LGW-LOS 10:50 → 17:50

The second wet-leased A330-200 will arrive in mid-June, and apart from Johannesburg, the airline eyes Dubai, Paris and Rome as international destinations. The chairman of Air Nigeria disclosed that the company plans to go public in 2014 and to become listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.


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6 responses to “Air Nigeria daily to London, postpones Johannesburg”

  1. anengiyefa says :

    Could you please explain why Arik would have fewer seats per day than Air Nigeria, given that Arik’s is the A340 500, which we are told is enhanced and has an even longer fuselage than the A340 300, whereas Air Nigeria is only flying the A330 200, which is a shortened, albeit longer range variant of the A330?

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      It’s explained by the chosen configuration: Arik Air’s A345s have 36 business class and 201 economy seats, while they could carry up to 359 passengers in a typical two-class configuration. Air Nigeria’s A332s have 24 business class and 244 economy seats, while they could carry up to 293 passengers in a typical configuration. The seating capacity depends on the choices made by the airlines. Arik’s long-haul aircraft aren’t very efficient for the routes they are deployed to.

      • anengiyefa says :

        Indeed. I even observed that in the video, the Captain was saying that there were only 3 business class passengers

  2. Joseph Anthony says :

    I believe it is because Arik’s A340-500 has a lower density of seats in Economy Class. Typical A340 configs have upwards of 280-300 seats in Economy whereas Arik chose for a configuration of 201 to give more leg room to passengers. The configuration is nothing to do with the efficiency of the aircraft on a particular route.

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      The A345 is an inefficient aircraft for relatively short routes, as for example LOS-LHR, because of its high fuel burn. Arik’s cost of available seat mile (CASM) is much higher than Air Nigeria’s, due to the aircraft type used and the configuration chosen.

      • anengiyefa says :

        For luxury and relative passenger comfort to have been chosen over efficiency was not expedient, especially, as it has since transpired that the A345 has ended up as a quasi permanent fixture in Arik’s fleet, as opposed to the temporary role that was originally intended for this aircraft type

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