On board Arik Air’s cockpits

World Air Routes uploaded three videos on board Arik Air’s A345 to London, B737NG to Benin, and Dash 8 to Asaba.



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18 responses to “On board Arik Air’s cockpits”

  1. anengiyefa says :

    I always wondered when they were going to show some Nigerian flavoured action. Its great to see that they’ve done it..

  2. Alaba Bham says :

    Great videos in HD. How many pilots of Nigerian origin fly for Arik? I do know they have a high turnover of foreign pilots.

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      They’ll never tell you, but the indigenous pilots mainly fly on the B737s.

      The NCAA recently gave the following data for 2011:

      There are 10 scheduled domestic airlines with three Nigerian airlines operating on international routes, and 21 foreign airlines operating in the country.

      Passenger volume was 14.6 million in 2011 across the airports, according to the regulatory authority boss.

      He said the value of tickets sold in the country in 2011 amounted to N225bn ($1.5bn); however, about 90 per cent of the revenue earned during the year was from the Lagos and Abuja airports with 122,700 tonnes of cargo airlifted during the period under review.

      Demuren said, “There are 22 airports, of which four are privately owned with 226 helipads and helidecks. Three hundred scheduled flights are operated per day, 50 chartered flights per day and 610 helicopter sorties per day.

      “In the area of personnel, we have 865 aircraft maintenance engineers, 934 pilots, 325 air traffic controllers, 1,836 cabin crew and 250 meteorologists and forecasters.”


  3. Alaba Bham says :

    Wrong aircraft for the London route. 20 hours endurance, enhanced engines for very high altitudes. Not sure why they made that choice except they might have been thinking of ultra long routes.

    • aviationspot says :

      There is noffin wrong in the use of the aircraft they used it becaues of the luxury service they wanted to offer…other big airlines like Virgin Atlantic and Lufthansa too use it on LOS – LHR and LOS – FRA respectively

  4. anengiyefa says :

    Would the decision have been made by Arik or by HiFly? Also, is it likely that the decision when made, could have been affected by which aircraft were available?

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      The aircraft are owned by Arik. They dry lease them to Hifly and wet lease them back, so that they can operate into the US. This deal will end this year and the A345s will be moved to the Nigerian register; Arik can now operate directly to the US.
      The A345s were acquired because they were available at the time (they were not taken-up by Kingfisher) and the chairman of Arik was taken with the installed business class. If Arik waited one more year, they could have operated their own B77Ws (an order for five was however cancelled). Although they always said that the A345s are a temporary solution, it will be very difficult to get rid of them. Maybe, they should open a route to Beijing or so in the future.

      • anengiyefa says :

        I see. So there’s some actuality to my suggestion that these might have been the aircraft available at the time. That said, on their current routes, those cancelled B777s might have been a better bet don’t you think? Also, are China Southern still flying into Lagos?

      • Aviation in Nigeria says :

        The B777 would have been a more suitable and efficient aircraft. No, China Southern is no longer flying to Nigeria.

  5. Anonymous says :

    All this Nigerian airline sucks they can not even help young nigerian pilots secure a pilot job in their own country instead all they do is hire white pilots. Some of this people can not even speak proper English. For over a year now a Nigerian friend of mine as been trying to fly for Arik air and the one so called air Nigeria, when are we going to start adding value to our own people and stop waisting money on this foreigners

    • aviationspot says :

      It is not only restricted to the aviation sector. The truth is that nigerian employers do not value nigerians they would rather employ a foreigner than to employ nigerians. It is not so in the UK and other European countries. British employers will employ british citizens first before other nationals. That is why Nigerian pilots both young and old would rather fly for the MiddleEast Airlines or other foreign than the Nigerian ones because Nigerian airlines don’t treat its indigenous pilots well.

  6. Avieze Isaiah says :

    Pls i need to known how i can become a pilot. It is my dream if i can just have a suppoter to help me pls am begging you. Pls i will need a answer. Isaiah

  7. aviationspot says :

    As far as sponsorship is concerned you can write to the airlines to sponsor you. There are aviation schools in South African where you can enroll. I have seen someone who did that. And as par how you can be a pilot, you will have to pass a medical fitness test so as to enable you to fly, then you will have to garner 50 hrs of flying so as to get your Private Pilot Licence, PPL and after getting your PPL you will now proceed to get your Commercial Pilot licence which I think is about 100 hrs of flying and proceed to Multi-Engine rating which I think is 150 hrs of flying and there about before you can become a proffesional pilot. You don’t nessesary need to be a science student before you can fly. Thoug a knowledge of Geography and physics is an added advantage

  8. anengiyefa says :

    On the video there’s also a 737 800 from LHR to Abuja

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      Is it worth purchasing?

      • anengiyefa says :

        Well, for its novelty value perhaps, since its the first one featuring a Nigerian airline. I also like http://www.vikingaviationphoto.com/ for their cockpit videos.

        I love flying, was always fascinated by aviation and would have loved very much to be a pilot. But my life has gone in a different direction, although I do still intend to achieve at least a private pilot’s licence when I can find the time. My lifelong friend (we’ve been friends since childhood) flies the 767 for American Airlines and I’m ever so envious :)

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