First training flight at Ilorin Aviation College

The inaugural training flight at the International Aviation College, Ilorin, took off last Monday. The second licensed aviation college in Nigeria opened its doors in October 2011. The first twelve students commenced flight training this week, but about 50 students will be admitted into the college later this year.

IAC - Diamond DA40 - 5N-BNJ

IAC – Diamond DA40 – 5N-BNJ


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17 responses to “First training flight at Ilorin Aviation College”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    The Diamond trainers are great and will immediately equip the ab initio students with the glass cockpit concept. I learnt to fly in a VERY basic C-152 as a Sierra Academy student in January 1977. Techonlogy never stays still!

  2. aviationspot says :

    Well we need more aviation personels and so also more training schools. Nigerian Aviation is gradually coming up after years of slumber. It will take time before it can sit with South Africa as far as a vibrant aviation industry is concerned

  3. Greg says :

    Training new hands is only one side of the equation; the other is finding suitable jobs for them after training.
    I know of at least thirty, twenty-something year olds in Lagos just now, trained in Zaria and South Africa, pilots, who have no jobs. And yet, the fleets of private Hawker, Lear, Cessna and Embraers in this country grows by the day. Are we to agree that anybody can fly and repair their aircraft exclusively with foreigners in this country while indigenes are jobless no matter who they are?
    Look, there are no two ways about it, this is not a grey areas thing, our people work, or they don’t. For those who agree to accept the current outrageous situation because of this and that, may God help them.

  4. Alaba Bham says :

    Greg’s point is sound. However are these pilots unemployed because these operators are only seeking those already rated and have time in the planes? It might be interesting for someone / newspaper/ social media to canvass the unemployed pilots as to their level of proficiency. for example, Just Multiengine Instrument? ATPL? Allied Degree to licences? Hours ? The data generated could then form the basis of a newpaper article and concerted efforts to the Aviation Ministry?
    Simplistic? Maybe

  5. Greg says :

    Alaba, your contribution is not simplistic.
    I admit that some of the operators, and not only the private jet owners, ask for a certain number of hours (minimum) which these newcomers don’t have. The only way out is legislation to employ them with the CPL/Multi/Inst, which they all have. If they couldn’t find jobs with only this qualification, where were they expected to earn the minimums the operators are demanding, in their fathers’ sitting rooms?
    CPL/Multi/Inst pilots have transitioned into the right seats of jets at Nigeria Airways and Ethiopian; it’s not an infeasible thing. The tragedy is that the problem is not being discussed at the decision-making level. But then, if it were, it would have to be not Nigeria

  6. Alaba Bham says :

    In the 1980s and 90s, it was easy especially cargo pilots. Many WT and civil aviation guys took short leaves to fly A310s and 727s in Libya. The recuitment agencies would offer many others roles in the Middle East and Singapore. I know that many Arik expat 737 crews from Britain are low time pilots who then go on to Vietnam and China as left seaters.

  7. musa tarfa says :

    I would lake to show my interest into aviation training school ilori pls sent registertion details 4me

  8. Capt Fantastic says :

    its actually the International Aviation College,Ilorin, not the Ilorin Aviation College as stated.

  9. rihan christian says :

    I love aviation with everything in me.. And I knw one day by GOD I will become a pilot

  10. odisi precious says :

    i love what am seeing in this ilorin avaition college it’s so real:;(aspiring to be in this skull by the end of next year):;…

  11. olawale okikijesu says :

    i would like 2 know how 2 register into dis skul

  12. segun says :

    need full details about school of avaition ilorin

  13. joseph nnenna grace says :

    i will like to no when their admission will start this year 2013 I’m interested

  14. musa ibrahim says :

    i want to be come pilot

  15. Folorunsho ibukun says :

    Waow great new i wil want 2 study there.

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