Allied Air B727F crashes at Accra Airport

An Allied Air Cargo Boeing 727-200 freighter (5N-BJN) overan the runway upon landing at Kotoka International Airport, Accra, Ghana, on Saturday evening, June 2, at about 19:10. The crew of four survived the accident unhurt, but at least ten people were killed on the ground after the aircraft broke through the perimeter fence and hit a minivan. The aircraft received substantial damage (see pictures).

Allied Air Cargo was formed in 1998 and operates a fleet of four B727Fs as well as two MD-11Fs wet-leased from World Airways.

Allied Air - B727F - 5N-BJN - Crash at Accra

Allied Air Cargo – B727F – 5N-BJN – Crash-landing at Accra



One response to “Allied Air B727F crashes at Accra Airport”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    METARS show rapid wind speed changes at that time. Wonder if true rumour that Abidjan diversion was suggested.Historical aircraft too as it flew last PAN AM revenue flight before conversion to freighter.

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