New General Aviation Terminal, Lagos

The construction of the new domestic General Aviation Terminal (GAT) at Lagos Airport is progressing steadily, despite criticism of the secrecy surrounding the financing and contractor selection process of the project. The Minister of Aviation could adopt more transparency in the execution of her further agenda, of which some proposals can be found here.

New General Aviation Terminal Lagos under construction

New General Aviation Terminal at Lagos Airport under construction


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9 responses to “New General Aviation Terminal, Lagos”

  1. Sam says :

    Indeed the secrecy surrounding GAT’s renovation/expansion and the deal with China to build 4 international terminals (MMIA, ABV, PHC, KAN) is dubious. However, truth be told it is probably only Chinese contractors with African experience who would have bid on a BOT arrangement (Build, Operate, Transfer). The Nigerian government certainly does not have a good record in honoring its past agreement with Bi-Courtney which should have been the exclusive hub for domestic airlines (not allowing Arik to build its own terminal). However, some more transparency and accountability should have been exercised. It’s surprising this is happening under the guidance of the Finance Minister (Ngozi) who is known for her transparency. She IS however a woman of her word and prefers to ACT not talk. She may have preferred to ACT and get things done without involving the media and endless talking.

    • Lagos Airport Forum says :

      Communication is low key as to give the impression the projects are of little significance. While the the origin of the other domestic terminal wouldn’t make it to textbooks as a good example of PPP application, the approach of the actors involved could have been different and they could have chosen a less Nigerian way of doing things,
      Zooming out and placing this development in context, in rough terms the new facility is effectively an type of second MMA2 or an FAA version of MMA2, perhaps differing in business model and operational aspects. The airport campus taking further shape, there is decreasing congruency. and we are ending up with a complex that functions less and less as an integrated whole.

      It would be interesting to know if the four concept terminal have been frozen or if they are still subject to change. But then, when no one’s talking, it will be a challenge to find out.
      Perhaps I’ll put hang up the renderings and run some threads to scrutinze the designs.

      • Lagos Airport Forum says :

        Lagos (LOS) development is literally the largest airpot puzzle hectares Lots of pieces to put together on the state of planning. It remains to be seen if any recommendations from the original masterplan are being followed.

    • UrgentMan says :

      What is dubious about it,? are you the contractor??? What is important is completing the project, let the auditors and government worry about the spending. If you must know, The Minister is building an Airport not a newsroom. Send her an email if you are desperate for details and stop calling her names..

  2. Lagos Airport Forum says :

    Scenario sketch.
    Okay , the terminal is ready and running. it’s now 2017.
    Where are the airlines in terms of progress and how well is the airport doing?

  3. Sam says :

    @LagosAirportForum, the photo perspectives of the other 4 airports are available here:

    Perhaps you can start a new thread with these new perspectives to discuss the designs.

    • Lagos Airport Forum says :

      Thanks very much Coordinator. Your link is a real labour saver. The information ministry at least published it, but like with aviation, they don’t appear to man their contact mail accounts as they don’t (auto)reply messages: a long time trend and reflection of the general communication culture in place more or less.
      Will do some thinking with a group and see what we come up with.

  4. Lagos Airport Forum says :

    Still having to tweak a few facebook settings and increase automation and cross platform interaction. Adding extra Aviation in Nigeria
    as a forum administrator is a welcome idea. Kindly mail your thoughts on this.

  5. Abdullah says :

    Great concept, great design, great execusion.

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