Air Nigeria’s operations disrupted by strike action

After six days, Air Nigeria has confirmed that its domestic and regional operations are being disrupted by an ongoing strike action by pilots and engineers. According to the airline’s management:

It is (…) illegal and criminal for NAAPE to allow itself to be used by competitors, who are envious of the giant steps already taken by Air Nigeria and Management is already working on a policy that will put a permanent stop to this cheap blackmail.

Air Nigeria’s flights to London are not affected by the strike and operate as normal.


  • NAAPE has suspended the strike according to Air Nigeria. However, the airline remains grounded by the NCAA, whose officials will audit Air Nigeria before it can resume operations.
  • On another note, the airline has postponed its inaugural flight from Lagos to Johannesburg from 17 June to 1 July 2012.


6 responses to “Air Nigeria’s operations disrupted by strike action”

  1. Sami says :

    The only thing thats cheap and unprofessional is the wording and tone of this press release by Jimoh Ibrahim for Air Nigeria. He sounds like a child, not the owner of a conglomerate.

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      It makes you wonder. Air Nigeria also released another poorly composed statement in reaction to accusations made by a former staff members:

      [quote]The management of Air Nigeria wishes to draw the attention of the general public to the false and negative stories being spread by one of its ex- Finance Directors, John Nnorom, who is currently facing criminal charges of stealing and conversion. Mr. Nnorom is an illiterate in the maintenance of aircraft as he only worked in the finance department of the airline before he was dismissed. Mr. Nnorom after his dismissal was declared wanted by the police until his subsequent arrest and the recovery of the sum of $100, 000 from him.The Nigeria Police authority has since charged him for stealing and criminal conversion while the court has admitted him to bail as his criminal trial continues.

      The general public is advised to disregard any such negative stories and false information by Nnorom (either in the print, electronic or online media).
      Air Nigeria has been flying the air space in the last 10 years with first class record of safety, without any accidents or even emergency landings.
      This record remains the integrity of our existence which cannot be compromised. The airline is also a proud member of the IATA and the oldest member in West Africa and one of the oldest in Africa.[/quote]

      Aero’s twitter guy is also rather insensitive. He/she used the opportunity to boast Aero’s safety record, but was silenced by questions about the age of Aero’s fleet. Tweets were later deleted, but were retweeted:

  2. Anonymous says :

    Is the an official expalnation why live flight information isn’t published by the the airlines nor the airports, only static timetables at best? Nothing particularly ultra high tech about it and there are various ways to do this.
    It should help move things forward a god deal.

      • Lagos Airport Forum says :

        Yes they did, but before and beside this system, the airlines should have their own operations facilities where they coordinate flights anyway, and should, if nothing else, have the flight information locally available on their respective sites and provide a means for the airports to pick their data.or any other makeshift way this could be done. This should be the case, but since the original Departue Control System at Lagos came in to use (not sure it’s still operational) for example, other technologies have come to exist. These are basic things SITA can handle.

        For tracking, the NCAA /NAMA don’t have any flight info online. No data exchanged with the airlines? Wouldn’t know.
        A non-federal workaround could be for the airlines or a few good enthousiast to setup a good number ADS-B systems and feed this data to flightradar24 and the others.

  3. Lagos Airport Forum says :

    Flightstats May 2012 Airline and Airport On-time Performance Report is out

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