ATC transcript of Dana Air flight 992

The Ministry of Aviation released the transcription of the last contact between the co-pilot of the crashed Dana Air aircraft and Air Traffic Control (Lagos NAMA Radar Control Room). According to sources, the pilot declared emergency at about 5,000 feet above the sea level; the aircraft disappeared from the radar at about 800 feet above the sea level.

Co-pilot: “Lagos Tower, Dana code 0992!”

ATC: “Danaco 0992, this is Lagos radar, go ahead!”

Co-pilot: “May Day! May Day! May Day! Danaco 0992 Five November Romeo Alpha Mike! (5N-RAM) dual engine failure!”

ATC: “Danaco 0992, read me?”

Co-pilot: “I read you five by five! Dual engine failure! Negative response from throttle! Requesting for direct straight approach!”

ATC: “Alright, position it one mile to touch down, Runway 18R! Contact tower now on 1181!”

Co-pilot: “1181 Good day!”



24 responses to “ATC transcript of Dana Air flight 992”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    This puts aside all the rumours and focuses squarely on dual engine failure.
    Now why dual engine failure? Bird strike? (remember Hudson River and Sully?) All the rubbish mountains around crash site feeds so many birds . Fuel starvation? Computer management system failure? pilot error induced shutdown?
    Now let them release CVR transcript in totality not in segments.

  2. Greg says :

    Makes you wonder what was in their minds in the seconds before impact. May their souls R.I.P

  3. Greg says :

    Alaba, I like to think there are ways of detecting bird strike ( rudder and stick feel, etc; and would birds fly as high as 5000ft?); witnesses talk of much unexploded fuel at the scene, so I’d like to rule that out too; which leaves CMS failure, or pilot induced shutdown. But, IMO, we should never neglect to look at mechanical failure, i.e., some of the thousands of parts in the P&W engines failing at the worst possible point in time, period

  4. Alaba Bham says :

    Good points Greg. I think the odds of both engines failing at the same time must be astronomical. The unburnt fuel at the scene may be from the fuel which are always unusable by the engines except in some planes by the APU.
    Research shows often last words are a prayer, I love you Mum and expletives mostly.

  5. Alaba Bham says :

    Just thought of another element..was there exceptionally heavy rain at that time? Could a deluge of rainwater heading directly onto the plane flame out the engines?

  6. Greg says :

    Records by NIMET/NAMA should tell us what rainfall was like on that day.
    But the TACA B737-300 on approach to New Orleans in stormy weather in ’88 did suffer a double flame-out, triggered by a deluge. Crew kept their nerves and after failed re-lights, glided onto a short field bordered by a lake and an embankment. Some years on, another 733’s CFMs quit in stormy weather too.
    Good point, Alaba.

  7. Capt Fantastic says :

    i think i’d rather wait for official comments rather than dual on unverifiable leaks….for instance, i know there isnt a callsign as dana code 0992 rather danako 0992…….and then the pilot’s callout was to lagos tower, and the response was from lagos radar, i know they operate on different frequencies…(however out of panic he could have been calling on the wrong frequency)…….but a dual engine failure would have been disastrous….little chance of recovery!

  8. Eze says :

    Let’s put aside the reasons for the dual engine failure, couldn’t the pilot relay his intentions to glide into LOS 18R? In a hazardous situation context, pilots don’t usually say “good day” unless they were still in control, not within seconds of a catastrophic crash…. He could have asked for weather, emergency vehicle confirmation, among others…but “good day?” Fishy, very fishy.

  9. Skywalker says :

    The reporters know really little about aviation and just report what they hear. The Callsign should be DANACO and not DANA CODE. But that scenario seems about right, At about 5000 Feet or less with no engine power on Final approach, at full weight, the aircraft will stall in seconds and fall like a rock. The pilots need altitude to cash in for speed which they really didn’t have over the crowded streets of Lagos. Engine failures are caused by many scenarios, let alone double engine failure, and thats where the puzzle lies.

  10. Alaba Bham says :

    Not sure why the Government has to set up an investigation panel. There should always be a ‘Go Team’ of specialist investigators with skills on engine, metals, weather, CRM, airframe etc who would have been ready to start processing evidence from the evening of the crash. Yes, I accept that the tapes have to be processed abroad which has a time factor. Some Police and recovery teams should have had basic forensic training in what to look for at accident sites. I have no doubt that many parts (engines parts, fuel lines, pumps etc ) of the MD 83 are sitting in people’s houses and backyards now which would have helped the investigation process.

  11. Lagos Airport Forum says :

    Not to talk of the clearing up techniques of Berger,not trained for these kinds of ops. Sadly, it’s often them who end up clearing up disaster sites. :-(
    Boy, do we have a long way to go.

    Help everyone.

    Whoever successfully mailed and received reasonable replies from the ministry and the airports, in the last 6 months, will appreciate it if you pass across the functioning adresses.

  12. Greg says :

    At (10) Alaba Bham: “A Go Team of specialist…..”
    “Police/Recovery teams with forensic training…..”
    Aw come on now, bratha. Are you suggesting we deploy financial and human resources with imagination, dedication and probity? Do you want us to rub shoulders with the developed nations, oh sorry, I mean Malaysia, Indonesia or Mauritius? Nah, bratha, we would have to be not Nigeria then.
    Look, the score is bloated retinues, filthy fat emoluments, contract award shenanigans and me, myself and I.
    This is Nigeria, brath, wake up !

    • Lagos Airport Forum says :

      Exactly, Greg :-). Alaba’s wide awake like every other right thinking person. His points by deduction imply that very drastic, unNigerian steps must be taken if things are really going to change. Although sadly, Nigeria wasn’t always like this.
      Life and human dignity were at the upper end of the ladder. if nothing else, at least those keywords mentioned will circulate in cyberspace, and be picked up by ou ver able (NOT) authorities. get it?
      Video. This gentleman made some good points, tracing the array problems to human development factors, which transcend every sector.

  13. Alaba Bham says :

    But Greg my bro, how long can we continue like this? Im also of the me, myself and I brigade but to build up skills in accident recovery and analysis would enhance staff skills and maybe, just maybe we can become a centre of excellence in this arena and make more money.
    I do agree with you that its mostly mindset adjustment. I remember being at the scene within an hour of the WT DC10 that overan at Ilorin then completely burnt out in 1987. The locals were walking through the scene scavenging, nothing was cordoned off.
    Coming back to the Dana MD83, I suggest authorities offered rewards to anyone who comes forward with any part of the aircraft.

  14. Lagos Airport Forum says :

    Were the fire services up to scratcht at Ilorin on the day?

  15. Alaba Bham says :

    No. It wasnt as that plane burned merrily for over an hour with the Fire services engine in attendance with no water staring at the plane. Luckily the crew had evacuated through the cockpit windows (it was a training flight shooting touch and gos).

  16. Lagos Airport Forum says :

    Ouch! So that’s what happened? And ILR was the designated alternate to LOS back then. There was a nice picture of 5N-ANR during its delivery ceremony in LOS in ’77 in an early generation Nigerian aviation magazine.

    Was replaced by the last prduction DC-10, which was to have become 5N-AUI according to a record I came across once and then there waere fuzzy MD-11 plans.
    If the fire could have been tackled effectively, at worst case the plane’s fliying career would have ended but it could have doubled as a spares supply for ANN.

    But that said, a worse crime has to be the inglorious dismatling of Princess ANN. They didn’t even spare a door, for historical significance , being the nations’s first widebody or some other intelligent reason:-(

    • Greg says :

      @17,by Lag Airp Forum: “…they didn’t even spare a door”. Sir, my ribs are aching from laughter. You guys could give Ali Baba & Co a run for their money !!!

  17. Alaba Bham says :

    Have a look at the AIB website for previous accident reports. The site would be funny if it wasnt sad. It has damaged reports that cannot be opened, wrong headings, interim reports that have never been upgraded to complete ones, heaven knows why the website has a picture of BA’s 777 Heathrow crash landing as its main page. There are no listings for many accidents as well as no official report of the ADC’s crashes from 1996 and subsequent ones.
    Relating to 10 & 11, peruse the 1989 Okada BAC 111, Port Harcourt crash report on wreckage recovery recommendations which obviously have never been taken up.

    • Anonymous says :

      All aviation sites, and virtually all the other federal sites are rubbish.
      Professional communication bureaus in abundance can be contacted to help with this. but, till then, we’re stuck with these.

  18. Capt Fantastic says :

    please can anybody help with the name of the crew or training captain of the 5N-ANR.

  19. Anonymous says :

    Indonesia issues immediate recommendations on the Sukhoi crash on May 9th 2012.

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