British Airways B747 runway excursion at Abuja Airport

A British Airways B747-400 went off the runway at Abuja Airport, while turning around to backtrack the runway on Saturday morning, 16 June 2012. The aircraft missed the last available exit of the runway, which is shortened at the moment for renovation works, and had to turn around to exit the runway. The runway excursion led to no damage to the aircraft and nobody was hurt; the aircraft performed the return flight to London on the same day.

The length of the runway at Abuja Airport is currently reduced to 3,000/2,200 meters, and the Nigerian airlines had earlier called for a closure of the airport, as it would be unsafe for large aircraft to land at the moment. Several flights were also diverted last week Friday due to a blackout at the airport. The incident reminds of an accident that occurred at Lagos Airport in 2003, when a Hydro Air Cargo B747F (ZS-OOS) landed on a closed runway.



8 responses to “British Airways B747 runway excursion at Abuja Airport”

  1. Naijajet says :

    A Similar incident happened to Lufthansa A330-300 about 2 weeks back. works going on at the runway 22 end of the runway so the aircraft have to turnaround and backtrack if the miss the last exit from the runway. so it not really a runway overshoot…

  2. Naijajet says :

    There is a NOTAM so all pilots are required to factor in this into their approach…and the puzzling thing is that operators like BA are operating bigger aircraft like the 747 into Abuja even with this NOTAM(Note BA has started using B747s into Abuja)

  3. LAF says :

    Can someone punch in the link to NOTAMs from the airports.

  4. Anonymous says :

    When and why did BA switch from B777 to B747? I guess now that Arik is no longer on the route, they have all the spoils to themselves?

  5. anengiyefa says :

    For me, the most notable part of this story is that “Several flights were also diverted last week Friday due to a blackout at the airport”. I was reading recently of the commissioning by the Aviation ministry of four new electricity generators for the Abuja airport, to “combat the problem of frequent blackouts at the airport”. In my view, its is very shameful indeed that the main airport of the capital city of a major country like Nigeria, should suffer blackouts with the frequency with which Abuja airport has been doing. And that such an airport should rely on electricity generators (usually only used for emergency purposes), as a main source of power, borders on the disgraceful.

    On another note, I’m also of the view that the regulatory regime for the aviation industry in Nigeria is nowhere near as stringent as it should be, going by the reports that have emerged in the aftermath of the recent Dana Air incident. It comes down to the fact that because officials in Nigeria are never held accountable for their failures, there is no incentive for them to ensure that they do their jobs properly.

    For instance, a tearful appearance before TV cameras by the Minister for Aviation seems to have been seen as a sufficient official response to a serious aircraft incident that occurred on her watch, (Dana Air crash), an incident which ought never to have occurred in the first place, had she ensured all along that the CAA was performing its function effectively. Just saying..

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