Hajj 2012 airlines

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) announced that six airlines are approved by the Federal Government for this year’s Hajj pelgrimage. Kabo Air, MaxAir, Med-View Airline, Meridian Airlines, Tradecraft Air and Ethiopian Airlines are the selected carriers, while Hamsel Air Services and Aero Aviation Services will serve as back-up charter airlines. Furthermore, Med-View Cargo, Evergreen and White Aero Ventures are chosen as carriers for the pilgrims’ excess luggage. Around 95,000 pilgrims will be travelling from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia in the last week of September and in the first week of November.


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4 responses to “Hajj 2012 airlines”

  1. Musa hamza nabuwa says :

    Assalam, For an every biz man can not get what he desived to get,but he only get what he negotiated. Long live TCA.

  2. Mustapha Garba says :

    The most useless and unorganized airline I’ve eva seen. Pple r hre cursing u, for ur info. Allah ya isar mana for leaving us hre in Mecca longer than necessary… Mtttsssswww.

  3. Jaafar Aliyu says :

    Allah ya isa. Allah ya wulakantaku kamar yadda kukai mana.

  4. Bala Muhammad Mina says :

    Amami Global Ltd bought Tradecraft Air Tickets for 2013 Hajj on our behalf. Regretably Tradecraft has left us at destiny’s at Makkah without any provision since 21/10/2013. Lalle kun zalunce mu, kuma muna muku addua Allah ya rusa ku.

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