Nigerian King Air 350

Abuja-based company ACE (Africa Contracts and Equipment) operates a King Air 350, equipped with the Pro Line 21 avionics system, for the Presidential Implementation Committee on Maritime Safety and Security (PICOMSS). The aircraft is registered 5N-BMP and was delivered in January 2010.

King Air 350 – Nigerian Air Force – 5N-BMP (Copyright Mebewale)

Other King Air 350 operators in Nigeria are Julius Berger (5N-FLS and 5N-FLY), Exxon-Mobil (5N-MPB), and TaK Aviation (N455SE).


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18 responses to “Nigerian King Air 350”

  1. Wale Ishola (@MeBeWale) says :

    Wow,didn’t expect my photo to end up here. How did you find it?. Love your blog,long time follower.

  2. Alaba Bham says :

    What does PICOMSS do? The markings seem to be NAF and why have a Level D flight sim when there are only 3 Beech 350s in Nigeria? Im sure Exxon Mobil still do their recurrent training in the US.

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      “The National Assembly (House of Reps) decided to hold a public hearing in January 2010 has it dawn on all that there was a grand design in the offing to enact a law that will create a distinct agency that will be charged exclusively with maritime security issues.
      It was at this point that it dawn on NMASA and others that the plan was to see that the Presidential Implementation Committee on Maritime Safety and Security (PICOMSS) transmutes to the proposed agency to be called Maritime Security Agency (MASECA).
      For the purpose of recapitulation, it was the late President Umar Yar ‘Adua who after being bombarded with a barrage of facts on the lawlessness and large scale illegalities on Nigerian waters, who sent the Bill with the provision that the Presidential Implementation Committee on Maritime Safety and Security which had been in existence since 2003 should transmute by the law into the new MASECA with wider maritime security enforcement powers.
      It will also be recalled that prior to the emergence of late Yar ‘Adua and the MASECA Bill, his predecessor, former President Olusegun Obasanjo had ordered the creation of PICOMSS in 2006 as an intervention agency to ensure that Nigeria meets the requirements of the International Ships and Ports Security facility (ISPS) Code.
      Upon the completion of its assignments, PICOMSS fought itself into relevance by cleverly taking over a substantial part of the security functions of NIMASA by ensuring safety of all crafts and persons on Nigerian waters; especially within the militancy-riddled Niger Delta region. This won it admiration and respect from users of shipping and oil and gas services within the Niger Delta.”

      • Alaba Bham says :

        Thanks Aviation. Im sure we’ve discussed this on another thread about the duplicacy of organisations but the cynic in me sees this as another goverment waste. Is that a gun platform under the fuselage?

  3. Alaba Bham says :

    Surveilance equipment. I guess to direct strikes by chopper gunships or soldiers. Anyway as they say in Nigeria, all this is now security issue!

    • Greg says :

      @ Alaba “…now security issue”. At least we can be thankful that several well trained hands and minds are at work with national equipment, and are making an impact. And that the funds didn’t wind up in some secret Swiss account.

  4. Aviation in Nigeria says :

    Can anyone identify this King Air 350 ( parked at Aero’s Lagos hangar recently?

  5. Anonymous says :

    A recently acquired B350 has been spotted parked occasionally at the Arik hangar rumored to be owned by MRS Oil mogul Sayyu Dantata who also owns Gulfstream G550 N169SD.
    The B350 at the Aerocontractors hangar is owned by Elizade Motors boss Chief Micheal Ade-Ojo. It flown by Nigerian pilots under the Aero callsign.
    Piccomms also have a DA42 Twinstar (Recon/patrol version) that is usually “hidden” in the Okada hangar in Benin. Its not been sighted in a while especially since the ATR42MP was acquired, but it was very active (and i hear effective) during the last JTF Niger delta operations pre-amnesty.

  6. skywalker says :

    I was able to take a picture of 5N-BKT a C172 I believe at Benin airport, with an addition to its undercarriage. Is it for PICOMMS as well. I don’t know how to upload pictures. I would have posted a link.

  7. Tom says :

    @Aviation do you know who and where maintains 5N-BKS and 9H-AEV?

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      9H-AEV is foreign owned (Malta), just based at Abuja for some contracts, supposedly maintained by their own personnel.
      PICOMSS trained a few of their own people, the aircraft is Benin-based, where the NAF has a base too.

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