Aero to provide third-party maintenance

Aero announced that it plans to expand its aircraft maintenance services. The airline intends to provide A-, B- and C-checks on Boeing aircraft in western Africa. However, according to the airline, the financial benefits of having these checks in Nigeria are limited:

Nigeria has relatively high import duties on aircraft parts. Airlines typically fly their aircraft to, say, Turkey to have them serviced and relevant parts replaced. Once that aircraft flies back to Nigeria, the new parts are not subject to import duties as they are already installed on the plane. This puts any Nigerian maintenance provider in a big disadvantage against foreign players. A Nigerian maintenance provider would need to import all spares used in maintenance and thus incur the import duties that those maintaining their aircraft abroad avoid completely.

Aero also disclosed that from next month it will start to renew its fleet with B737-400s, B737-700s and Dash 8-Q400s.

The airline has temporarily suspended its service from Lagos to Warri and Port Harcourt NAF Base


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4 responses to “Aero to provide third-party maintenance”

  1. anengiyefa says :

    But there are costs implications of actually flying the aircraft to Europe, are there not?

    • Aviation in Nigeria says :

      Sure, and there are also benefits in terms of employment and training. But the airlines have been lobbying hard for removal of import duty on spares.

      • Alaba Bham says :

        Would the tax apply to refurbished parts as well? There is huge market for properly recycled parts for Boeings.

  2. Anonymous says :

    import duty applied to any aircraft part, new or old. There was an exemption until 2008/9, but not extended. For example a mix fleet of Arik size you would need several million dollars of parts plus engines/apu’s and as you have to send aborad to fix, cost millions in duty………..aside from Nigeria, India and Russia are only other I know apply this charge, Europe etc there is no duty.

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