Panel faults Dana Air’s maintenance practices and NCAA oversight

The Technical and Administrative Review Panel (TARPDA) set up by the Federal Government to investigate the Dana Air crash blames both the airline and the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority:

The panel found that certain maintenance practices by Dana Airline, particularly the use of Technical Logbook were not in conformity with standard and recommended practices. It was also found that in some instances, the surveillance by Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) inspectors on the airlines’ maintenance practices were below expectation.

The panel made a couple of recommendations to strengthen Nigeria’s aviation industry:

  • A quick implementation of an Aviation Sector Emergency Programme (ASEP).
  • Better training of NCAA staff and inspectors.
  • NCAA should ensure that airline operators are put to closer surveillance.
  • The Federal Government (FG) should intensify efforts to complete the ongoing reconstruction and remodelling of the terminal buildings and structures.
  • The Central Bank of Nigeria should empower commercial banks to create a window for a long-term low-interest funding for direct lending to aviation.
  • An aircraft leasing company with an initial investment of $10 billion should be setup by the FG to acquire modern aircraft directly from major manufacturers and lease to qualified Nigerian air operators at preferential rates.
  • Greater emphasis should be placed  on proper and adequate maintenance of aircraft, rather than age restriction.
  • The FG should review downwards, all taxes and charges relating to airline operation, as well as take measures to reduce the cost of jet fuel.
  • The FG should facilitate the formation of a local aviation insurance pool.
  • The FG should take urgent steps to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities.

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8 responses to “Panel faults Dana Air’s maintenance practices and NCAA oversight”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    ‘certain maintenance practices by Dana Airline, particularly the use of Technical Logbook were not in conformity with standard and recommended practices’

    Certain? Specifics please, especially in relation to the crash.

  2. Naija de Great. says :

    Reconstruction and remodelling of Terminals has nothing to do with the Dana crash. No amount of empowerment by the CBN would make a bank lend to a high risk airline. Banks would be happy to lend any airline if the loan was guaranteed by the CBN. So why is the Tech Committee playing games. There is a solution but it is not palatable to the FG.
    Governments do not set up aircraft leasing companies. The private sector does this more efficiently. The proposed SWF is better suited to help create one and sell shares to the Nigerian Public. Anyway the Nigerian Government cannot afford to tie up this amount as the main beneficiaries would be Nigeria’s upper classes. $10 billion can do wonders to Nigeria’s basic infrastructure – power, roads, rail etc. Age does not make a well maintained aircraft dangerous. It is operators trying to cut corners and a very corrupt NCAA that are the problem.
    I am surprised that the FG imposes import taxes on aircraft spare parts into Nigeria but not on aircraft serviced abroad. How asinine? How do you encourage local MRO activity then? Again Governments are not in the business of setting up MROs. Even airlines such as American and Air Canada have had great difficulties running their MRO subsidiaries profitably how much less a bumbling giant like the FG? The FG should encourage a world class MRO such as Haeco, SR Technics, Turkish etc to form a joint venture with local Nigeria investors. The reconstruction and remodelling of airports should be funded by specific revenue bonds tied to each project. Revenues from the airport will then eventually retire the bond.

    • Anonymous says :

      In my opinion the silly bit on airport remodelling was added to please Stella and expedite the kickback and corruption process…contractors hired by the govt will surely demand a slice of the cake. there is no scientific link between the terminal condition and the crash….hence this recommendation casts doubt on the integrity of the whole panel and all its “recommendations”.

    • Greg says :

      @ Naija de Great: “MROs such as HAECO, SR Technics, Turkish etc to form a a joint venture with local Nigerian investors”. Applause, sir. A1, full marks!

      • LAF says :

        MROs a bit like the oil & gas model?
        How best can the spares issue be tackled? Will having a Boeing and Airbus Spares center located in Nigeria (continental context) not also help move things forward?

  3. Anonymous says :

    Please Guys , This panel has done well & they deserve a recommemdation & as per the guy complaining about the Aviation minister forbidden the Aviation bodies not to communicate to the press is a right decision in the right step before the press cause more damage to the industry the more

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