This week’s update

A couple of short updates:


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7 responses to “This week’s update”

  1. Wale Ishola (@MeBeWale) says :

    As for the Pete Ground Services, I see them a lot in Abuja and Lagos

  2. captwahala says :

    Pete ground services also seem to do a lot of aircrafgt cleaning services for bizjets in Lagos. Lewis cooper aviation seem to be involved in obtaining overflight clearance, unfortunately Mr Cooper was assasinated a few months ago.

  3. captwahala says :

    An ATL is required to sell air services but to operate an aircraft in commercial service an AOC is required. Most air charter operations in Nigeria do not have AOCs. the easyjetprivate seem to be using Hangar8 plus NAC (south africa) aircraft
    overall, i think from a regulatory point of view the whole bizjet operation in Nigeria is dodgy. NCAA needs to inprove its oversight

    • +234-Charlie says :

      Nigerian GA is dodgy, uninspiring and not developing very smartly. Call it a bush version of what ought to obtain were top notch planning and policies in place.

      It seems Mr. NCAA himself has considerable interest in the hangar and FBO Evergreen Apple, which is located at the craziest place. It’s going to be interesting to if those facilities will be required to move to the GA area due to future airport expansion eventually.

  4. Greg says :

    @ captwahala and 234Charlie: If we can’t get basics like reliable power supply, fairly good roads and more spending on capital than on recurrent items right, then, it’s a pipe dream to expect that we can run an efficient air charter sector. The management of public funds is opportunity for personal gain; you might not like this, but let’s admit it, it’s like the national ethos just now. Just look at what Jamaica, which by some indicies cannot withstand western Nigeria, is doing at the Olympics. I’ll bet a fair number of our fellow countrymen applauded Mr Bolt. Ask them to try nurture such talents here, and they’ll come up short. Seems to me, we’ve got a long way to go

    • 234Charlie says :

      Too well said, Greg. Felt so bad for Blessing coming last in the 100m final really due to poor investment more than anything else.
      Right now the minister is on a trip to China, the USA and Canada?
      Last time I checked, the worlds best (international) airports haven’t come from these countries unless maybe very long ago, but they can’t be cutting edge
      Why didn’t she go to the big guns like the usual top level players in Europe and Asia, whose combined knowledge base is enough to fill AKE containers and are regular award winners?
      The minister should reduce this kind of ‘yaw’ and try to point the nose forward. Nigeria deserves better.

  5. Sandra Cooper says :

    Good morning,
    I will like to find out if this site is still functional.

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