Overland acquires an ATR72

Overland Airways has acquired its first ATR 72-200 (F-WNUA/5N-), celebrating the tenth anniversary of the airline (picture). The airline already operates three ATR 42-300s.



5 responses to “Overland acquires an ATR72”

  1. palaver says :

    Apart from the golden triangle routes (LOS, ABV, PHC), large turboprops (Q400 and ATR72) are best suited for most nigerian domestic routes

  2. Greg says :

    @ palaver and aviationspot: Just think how much more robust and potentially profitable it would be for our economy and social fabric, to say nothing of the operators, if the silly 20-year age limit was not in force. All Brasilias, all Bandeirantes, most Saab 340s, Dash 8 2/300s and ATR 42s cannot be imported and flown in this country because of the limit, in spite of the fact that many of these machines were well maintained are good value for money. These short sighted leaders are just shooting us in the foot for nothing

    • aviationspot says :

      @Greg… the most annoying thing again is that government wants to cripple the industry with a 15 year age limit policy. Where else is it done in other countries? Northwest (Delta) still flies its DC9-50s even though those planes are over 30 years old but though they are gradually phasing them out because of maintainance costs, airplanes in the US and Europe that are above 15 or 20 are still flying safely I wonder who is feeding the minister with such a dumbass policy. Age restriction is not the solution to flight safety…it is adequate infrastructures and maintainance facilities that matters the most. As long as we have dumb people manning the industry, with stupid policies, Nigerian Aviation we continue to crawl

      • LAF says :

        The more reason the smart people should affrim their smartness and bring the changes too often talked about. It’s obvious every dummy knows what’s wrong with the sector but it takes the truly smart to actually fix things.

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