This week’s update


  • Aero finally took delivery of its fourth B737-400 (5N-BOB).
  • Earlier, it was reported that Aero acquired four B737-400s from Garuda, but these aircraft now seem to be destined for a company called Hak Air. Is Capt. Adekunle Kuti reviving his old charter airline Hak Air? Or is he setting up a national carrier for Niger Republic?
  • Arik Air will soon receive an ex-Kingfisher Airlines A330-200 (EI-EWH; 5N-)
  • One of DANA’s Dornier 328s (5N-DOW) was flown to Bournemouth, likely for maintenance or sale.
  • It seems that SkyBird Air will finally accept its first Do 328Jet on 14 August 2012.
  • An interesting interview with Akin Oni, Managing Director at Bristow Helicopters, about the Nigerian Content Act, training of aviation personnel, import duties on aircraft, and other challenges in the aviation industry.

We are talking about a maintenance hangar for Nigeria, has anyone asked where we would get the engineers from? We are struggling today looking for Nigerian engineers. We don’t have engineers.

  • The Minister of Aviation launched her Nigeria Aerotropolis-programme aiming at a transformation of the Nigerian aviation industry. See for more information:
  • How far is the FG’s plan for a new national carrier – Nigeria Airlines – developed?
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, Air Nigeria hopes to restart its operations by obtaining loans to finance the eight Embraer jets the airline still has on order. The Federal Government might be willing to help the airline, but wants a merger between Arik Air and Air Nigeria.

Nigeria’s government may offer the company another “substantial” low-interest rate loan, said aviation ministry spokesman Joe Obi. But it is also pushing Air Nigeria and Arik Air to merge — a prospect neither airline has embraced. “We are talking to them, but you know it’s like a marriage, and you cannot force a marriage,” said Mr. Obi. “It’s an ego thing. Somebody wants to say, I own this airline… That is the major problem.”

  • China eyes the Nigerian aviation sector.
  • Ethiopian Airlines plans to operate its new B787-8 Dreamliner once-only to Lagos on 25 August and to Abuja on 27 August 2012.
  • RwandAir inaugurated the Lagos-Johannesburg route via Kigali.

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5 responses to “This week’s update”

  1. anengiyefa says :

    What reasons are there for one to be optimistic about a new national carrier? Is it not more likely than not that this new carrier will suffer the same fate as all other previous attempts establish a national carrier, since most of the underlying factors that led to the failure of those previous ‘national carriers’ are still very much in place?

  2. Greg says :

    @ anengiyefa: some of the frustrating conditions of the past remain but be assured, with the private sector, which is quite sophisticated, planned to lead the new carrier via controlling equity participation, it will be a different animal than the old public airline. What’s more, the market in some ways is light years past the one that used to exist: it simply won’t stand sloppy management or corrupt practices, and the various investors will be well aware of this. They’d surely want to protect their investments

    • Anonymous says :

      @Greg, unfortunately this private airline is still going to have to contend with govt agencies. I can see the govt giving certain ‘perks’ to this new airline that will be a source of controversy once a change in govt takes place. Why Arik could not be further encouraged is still beyond me though. They seem to be the best run airline with quality vision.

      • LAF says :

        “All we are saying is give us more golds.”
        Just some olymic sentiment there.

        Arik looked set to come in as an action hero, but with their internal issues coupled with the operating environment, they’ve not been able to put it together as it’s touger than they anticipated. Nigerian factor or are they simply not good enough?

        If a new full service airline will be set up, questions on airline-airport interaction need to be adressedt.

        Main gateway assumed to be Lagos, connectivity. With the new terminal being built, we effectively have a second MM2 and decreasing design and logistical harmony of the whole airport campus. What will minimum connecting times look like for transfer pasengers, for example? Not to talk of training, MX and other support structures, among other things,

        To the smart people out there:-
        All we are saying is give us answers.:-)

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