Dornier 228s dismantled at Kaduna Airport

Seven Do 228 aircraft, stored at Old Kaduna Airport, have been dismantled recently. One Do 228 (5N-DOG) was sold by DANA and exported to Australia in 2007.


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8 responses to “Dornier 228s dismantled at Kaduna Airport”

  1. Greg says :

    What, are we to believe that no operator, not even solid players like Kings could find use for the 228s ? Bloody shame. And when one realises Dornier’s not likely to have let them deteriorate beyond cost effectiveness, it becomes even more surprising

  2. Ikenna says :

    Dear Editor, in your last post and with the associated picture, it showed that 5N-DOG is actually a DO-328 not a 228. Just thought I’d point out the slight error. Keep up the good work, I am an avid reader of your aviation site.
    Best regards,

  3. Anonymous says :

    One in the video looks like 5N-DOO but not sure they had that?

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