FAAN and Minister of Aviation accused of embezzlement once more

Civil society organisations have petitioned EFCC and the Special Fraud Unit (SFU) of  the Nigerian Police to investigate the alleged financial mismanagement by the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria and the Minister of Aviation. The petition states:

[An] amount which is in excess of N11 billion has been spent over different contracts awarded by the Minister of Aviation Mrs. Stella Oduah and the Managing Director of FAAN Mr. George Uriesi without following due process, no approval of the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP), no due process certificate issued, and no federal Executive Council approval. These spending were neither budgeted nor appropriated in the 2012 Budget passed by the National Assembly, had no Federal Executive Council Approval and did not comply with the spending limits allowed by the delegated financial authority of the Government.

In particular, the MDs of FAAN, George Uriesi and Hajia Nana Aliyu, and the Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah, have profited from the suspected large-scale embezzlement of the $76 million BASA fund.

A check confirmed that N3 Billion was used by the Minister of Aviation, Mrs. Stella Oduah, to secure a loan from Zenith Bank to buy a ship for the operations of Sea Petroleum & Gas, her company.

Read the full article here. Whatever the truth is, it’s time for the Minister of Aviation and the FAAN to account for their income and expenses.



6 responses to “FAAN and Minister of Aviation accused of embezzlement once more”

  1. LAF says :

    Any update on the roadshow so far?
    One way or another, this is the sort of stuff that scares away potential investors, local and foreign and doesn’t help dispel third world connotations.

    The approach by the ministry is not very professional and should have been highly modified before the airport projects were cleared by those higher up.

  2. LAF says :

    Thanks. Still couldn’t find the news updates but had read about the US ExIm bank somewhere before.
    Still not well informed though. If you pick up any new signals, kindly update.

  3. LAF says :

    Airline concepts.
    Proposed: set up a basic overview of airlines with future concept carrier(s), what amounts roughly to a comparison (quick reference) table one can comes across searching for products on a webshop. Have something pretty comprehensive that could be hung up and updated with changing scenarios.

    Of course the idea is collaboration, input from the online community. far and wide.

    Any animo for this?

  4. Greg says :

    @ LAF, Airline concepts: Great idea. Only, our airlines are very good at keeping vital info to themselves, and without such info, it’s not going to do that well

    • LAF says :

      @Greg, That’s why it going to have to be a generic in nature. A carrier analysis based on available network schedules and a couple of other realistic parameters that could be sourced independently. All these years one can’t recall seeing such or a head to head analysis of the airlines. Just a fun attempt at conceptualization airline and to see what turns up.

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