Airport renovation pictures

Some pictures of the ongoing airport renovation programme can be found on the website of the FAAN: CalabarKaduna, Kano, Lagos and Port Harcourt. They give a bit of an idea of what can be expected from the remodelling exercise. In the cases of smaller airports, it would have been a better and perhaps cheaper option to build complete new terminals and knock down the old ones altogether. All domestic operations at Lagos airport should have been moved to MMA2 until the completion of the new GA terminal, rather than continuing operations from this temporal terminal. Hopefully, the contractors will deliver a proper job, as they are being pressured to finish the work quickly.

Enugu Airport renovation work in progress – August 2012 (copyright luckieeleven)


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5 responses to “Airport renovation pictures”

  1. LAF says :

    Just what the doctor ordered.
    Well, up to brain gymnastics to work out some completion schedules asuming the present construction rates.

  2. Waly O says :

    Well @ least work is being done after a couple of decades, hopefully it will all be finished and done properly.

  3. Greg says :

    @ Waly O: “ least work is being done”. I agree with that. They could have pocketed the money and walked away with it, and the sky wouldn’t fall. What did the others before Oduah/Uriesi achieve in terms of major infrastructural programs? While I’m not saying it is right for them to embezzle funds or escalate contract prices, I only submit that given the impunity with which our leaders fleece us, the duo may be praised for at least, living something on ground

    • Waly O says :

      @ Greg: Indeed they deserve praise for starting something, though the real test would be when they are all completed. Whilst I do disagree with the embezzling of funds, @ least for once something is being done. Plus it is without the unnecessary publicity every time a piece of concrete block is added (unlike the previous people before them who screamed and raised the roof everytime they planned to do something which of course was never accomplished)

      I really do hope they finish this because it will give hope to a lot of young Nigerians like me who would gladly come back home to help turn around the aviation sector……..fingers crossed.

  4. LAF says :

    The major achivements prioro to this will have to be decent airfield rehab of LOS and PHC and a few turnkey systems upgrades. Pending old work should have included aprons and T-ways; some T-way lanes @ LOS are are still in need of a replacement and are so patchy they could pass for works of art or maybe help scare away birds!

    Action and movement at last, at least. But we’ll know it’s going to be sustained when we further move away from this system and deemphasize the ‘culture of persons’, effectively decoupling development from the sitting leaders and political dispensations. Why can’t you name the guy who had the vison of Changi (forgot his name and won’t cheat)

    How difficult is it to have put a standard in place like our berlin friends ?

    Think of a 3-spooled shaft Rolls Royce Trent where the fan (FAAN), compressor (Ministry) and turbine (you fill that in) run at their optimal speeds.

    Keep writing them. Surely someone somewhere must be listening.

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