Jet Taxi operates Phenom 100s in Nigeria

A charter company called Jet Taxi Transport Ltd operates an Embraer Phenom 100 and a Hawker 800XP from its bases at Abuja and Lagos. None of the aircraft have been identified yet, but two Phenom 100s (OE-FHT; ex-G-ROOB, and OE-FHO; ex-G-RUBO) have been spotted at Lagos and Kaduna. The airline is part of the G-Eurafric Group.

Dana Air ordered two Phenom 100s and one Phenom 300 in 2007 for its VIP division, but that order was never fulfilled.


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10 responses to “Jet Taxi operates Phenom 100s in Nigeria”

  1. Alaba Bham says :

    Embraer as a company have done phenomenally (pardon the pun) well since its inception in the 1970s. I’d like to say Nigerian aviation would do well to emulate this organisation but where have we heard that one before (I can see Greg adding to this!). Lucky to have flown in a Phenom last year and it is really well screwed together.

  2. Greg says :

    Alaba, we are still finding our way as a nation, and in the earliest of stages too. Actually, we had an outfit that was in the same alley as Embraer, in Dana as it existed in 1989-1994. They built some three dozen Air Beetle (Trainer) hulls for the Air Force, but suspended the program when IBB withdrew funding. We all agree that socially, and certainly, politically and economically, this country was a wilderness in those years. With some imagination and perhaps vision, a stable polity would have seen the potential in the Dana of that era and encouraged them, even if at the cost (to the Germans), of majority share-holding by Nigeria. Such was not to be, unfortunately. And if the years since then have not been equally wasted, only time will tell

  3. LAF says :

    A couple of odd things still about Embraer and Brazil. Roughly speaking the E190 and 170 today fill in the market left by Fokker 100 and 70 when they stopped.

    What’ doesn’t look right is how Brazil can have such a high tech homegrown aerospace industry and be a leading biofuel reaserch nation, be hosting the next world cup and olympics and yet have the slums and social disparity we’re all too familiar with. They’re doing too badly on the UN Human Development Index rankings by the way. Is it a question of priorities?

    Nigeria has a better chance at more even development by attacking the core fundamental manufacturing sectors and building from.there.

    • Alaba says :


      Embrarer has hugely outsold Fokker in terms of numbers and product range and the price competitiveness of their products means cost of parts are not as exorbitant as Fokkers were back in the 70s.
      Some socio economic models would have it that social development runs at par with manufacturing development and output. Brasil is an example that it dosent, but perhaps that’s the way it should be in any capitalist setup. India is probably a worse case in point in looking at social disparity. Hindustan Aircraft Industries manufactures a far greater range of products than Embrarer with the Indian goverment having a third stake. Greg’s point about the Air Beetle is taken but if Dana at that point had aimed for the export market across West Africa, there would have been little or no dependency on Babaginda’s whims.

      • LAF says :

        Thanks for the enlightenment.
        Some flashes of the automotive situation creeping in but got to supress that as this is strictly for aviation.

  4. Alaba says :

    One gets carried away on this site..aviation or not! Is Jet Taxi Transport Ltd flying their Phenoms with one or two pilots? I ask because I know NCAA required King Air operators fly it with two pilots about 15 years ago.

  5. Greg says :

    Alaba, Twotter and Do 228s in this country are flown by two crew, so, the likelihood of jets being flown by two is high, in spite of adaptation to SP operation.
    An embarrassing and little discussed feature of Brazil’s social injustices is the colour issue. As part of the build-up to MKO Abiola’s presidential bid, he visited Brazil, the high profile trip taking him to a north-eastern city, where he was guest at some function. The audience, even including educated people, regarded him with amazement. Many couldn’t hold back the tears, and you can guess what colour they were.
    As for India, there’s the primordial caste system to consider.
    But nobody on this forum should bother arguing Naija’s record with me. The source is the UN itself. Ref was to the top 1 or 5 percent of our population and the share of the nation’s wealth they controlled. Our people are said to be unshockable; but we get disgusted by certain things at least. Which was what happened to me. Subsequent blocks of the population took increasingly smaller shares, so that, the bottom half got a spectacularly tiny amount.
    And that’s the way our cookie crumbles

    • LAF says :

      India and Brazil can generally be said to be trying, development-wise but as far as rankings go, still a lot of catching up to do on the social side of things, like us.

      Can’t remember which of the industry publications it was that featured a recent report on Indian airport development, with a photo of an Air India 77W lined up next to perimeter fence, beautiful looking airport facility. Only problem with the image was right next to the fence was a ‘sierra lima uniform mike’. that just left one dazed as to how to correct such an anomaly.

      • Alaba says :

        What about Ethiopia’s aviation industry which is strong and well developed (at least in comparison to us)? Opposite of the huge swathe of poverty that is in the place.

  6. Alaba says :

    Hmm. I accept the social injustice point. Regarding the Phenoms and twin pilot operations, it will help new (hopefully Nigerian) pilots build up their time as I can see a 150 hr newbie going straight into this plane. From what I saw, the workload is not heavy (thanks to automation and great displays) on these planes so the co pilot is really little more than a passenger.
    Nigerian aviation is going through a vast build up at the moment seemingly with new equipment arriving monthly. Its the infrastructure of maintenance, oversight and duplication of duties that I’m concerned about. I see a lot of recent capital equipment has to do with Secret Squirrel operations like PICOMSS and the police.

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