Dana Air’s staff urge government to lift suspension

The staff members of Dana Air have appealed to the president to reinstate the Air Operating Certificate (AOC) of the airline, which was suspended by the Ministry of Aviation in June. Their letter reads:

In the history of the Nigerian aviation industry, no other airline that has suffered a similar accident has responded in the way the management of Dana did. Besides honouring its duty to the victims’ families, the airline has continued to pay  the salary of its staff, which amounts to about N110 million monthly. Dana Air is, perhaps, the only airline in Nigeria that pays salary as at when due. If the airline’s AOC is not restored immediately, the over 558 directly-employed Nigerian staff, plus countless others indirectly affected, including their families and dependants, risk losing their source of livelihood and being thrown into the cold aviation labour market.

In a response the Ministery of Aviation declared it will not yet lift the ban on Dana Air:

We want to make sure that every aircraft in their fleet is air worthy. The suspension will be lifted. But I recall that when the crash happened, everybody was shouting ban them; ban them. Now people are saying lift the suspension. We want to be sure that by the time they come back, they will operate safely.

And according to the NCAA the suspension is indeed a punitive political measure:

The operations of Dana Airlines were suspended by the Federal Government of Nigeria following the intense emotions and sentiments that greeted the plane crash. It was the Federal Government’s reaction to the anguish that pervaded the country in the aftermath of the crash. (…) However, Dana can continue to carry out maintenance of their aircraft while it is not out of place to operate outside the country until all issues surrounding the suspension of their AOL (Air Operator’s Licence) is resolved.

Dana Air’s MD83 fleet parked at Lagos Airport (copyright Davey0911)



3 responses to “Dana Air’s staff urge government to lift suspension”

  1. Alaba says :

    We visited this issue on June 5th re: Dana Air’s suspension. It still dosent make sense and should NOT have been done.

  2. Anonymous says :

    You could also see 2 Boeing 737-300s belonging to Air Nigeria in the background. It’s alarming and depressing…so many jobs and so many airliners parked…not good for the Nigerian economy.

  3. Greg says :

    Let them address 30,000 Naira domestic air-fares while they’re at it

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