New helicopters for the Police and NCAT

Two Bell 412EP’s for the Air Wing of the Nigeria Police arrived at Lagos Airport this week. The helicopters will join the four other Bell 412s already in the fleet of the Police.

Two Bell 412s for the Nigeria Police (copyright Superspotter)

The first of two Bell 206 L4 helicopters for the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology at Zaria was also spotted at Lagos. The College intends to set up a helicopter flying school.

A Bell 206 L4 (5N-BZB) for NCAT at Lagos Airport (copyright Superspotter)


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4 responses to “New helicopters for the Police and NCAT”

  1. Greg says :

    I know of a Citation 500, a Bell 222 and two Bell jetrangers in the Police facility at Ikeja around 1998 till 2002, with the two Jetrangers operational. What became of them?

  2. Alaba says :

    More questions please. Are these choppers ‘New ..New’ or ‘Nigerian New’? Im sure one of the police choppers isnt as it has ‘Hafiz Ringim’ on the nose. Anyone know what that is?
    The NCAT chopper N449XB is a 2010 model. It would be nice if we could get public disclosure as to the cost of these things and see whether the usual ‘consultant’ fees have been added

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