News from the Minister of Aviation

The Minister of Aviation made a couple of statements this week:

  • Emirates, Turkish Airlines and Etihad Airlines were denied landing rights at Abuja Airport and Kano Airport. Instead, the Minister requested these airlines to commence flights to Enugu Airport. This report was later denied by a spokesman of the Minister.
  • The Minister of Aviation warned airlines not to make any air returns because of bad weather conditions:

…there is absolutely no reason and justification for an aircraft to make an air return on the basis of poor weather condition since initial weather report from the AIS would have been adequate to indicate the futility of an initial take-off under such harsh weather conditions. This recklessness on the part of airline operators and pilots, the minister warned, will no longer be tolerated and infractions would be met with serious sanctions as she noted that this has the potential of compromising the safety of the nation’s airspace.

  • The Ministry of Aviation denies that it intends to privatise the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria, rather it wants ‘to reposition’ the aviation college.
  • No money was withdrawn from the BASA fund to finance the airport remodelling excercise in Nigeria, according to the Minister of Aviation.

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